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Hindu Boys Baby Names

Choose Hindu Boys Names from our unique and huge collection of Hindu Baby Names. Our categorized list of baby names helps you to find the delightful name for your baby boy. Also find Hindu Baby Boys Names by rashi, alphabets and other categories from our easy filtering option.

Hindu Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
501 Boy Abhijeeth Victorious
502 Boy Abhijeevan Add Meaning
503 Boy Abhiji To Conquer Completely
504 Boy Abhijiat Add Meaning
505 Boy Abhijin The Most Auspicious Moment
506 Boy Abhijit Victorious
507 Boy Abhijith Victorious, conqueror
508 Boy Abhijnana Recollection; Remembrance
509 Boy Abhijun Expert; Skilled
510 Boy Abhijval Burst into flames, Blazing forth, Epithet of fire
511 Boy Abhijvala Blazing Forth
512 Boy Abhik Beloved; Fearless
513 Boy Abhika Fearless
514 Boy Abhikama Affection; Desire
515 Boy Abhilash Desire
516 Boy Abhilasha Desire
517 Boy Abhilasin One who Desires
518 Boy Abhilesh Immortal; Unique
519 Boy Abhima One who Destroys Fear; Lord Vishnu
520 Boy Abhimaan Pride; Proud
521 Boy Abhimaan=onewithself Respect
522 Boy Abhimakar One who has or Gives Warmth
523 Boy Abhiman Pride
524 Boy Abhimand Gladdening
525 Boy Abhimanee Who Feels Proud to Himself
526 Boy Abhimani Full of Pride; Another Name for Agni as the Eldest
527 Boy Abhimanu Person killed by Lakshmana.
528 Boy Abhimanuya The Son of Arjun in Mahabharat
529 Boy Abhimanya The Son of Arjun in Mahabharat
530 Boy Abhimanyu God; Arjuna's Son
531 Boy Abhimanyusuta Son of Abhimanyu
532 Boy Abhimoda Joy; Delight
533 Boy Abhin Fearless
534 Boy Abhinaash Immortal
535 Boy Abhinab young, novel, innovative
536 Boy Abhinaba young, novel, innovative
537 Boy Abhinabhas Famous
538 Boy Abhinam Novel
539 Boy Abhinamin Renowned
540 Boy Abhinand Celebrating
541 Boy Abhinanda To Rejoice; To Celebrate; To Praise; To Bless; Del
542 Boy Abhinandan Greetings; Felicitous; Welcoming
543 Boy Abhinandana Felicitous
544 Boy Abhinandh New
545 Boy Abhinash Actor
546 Boy Abhinatha Lord of Desires; Another Name for Kama
547 Boy Abhinav Novel
548 Boy Abhinavanand Abhinav Anand
549 Boy Abhinav-sai New Things Discovered
550 Boy Abhinava New; Young; Fresh; Modern; A Sakta Notable for his
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