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Hindu Boys Baby Names

Choose Hindu Boys Names from our unique and huge collection of Hindu Baby Names. Our categorized list of baby names helps you to find the delightful name for your baby boy. Also find Hindu Baby Boys Names by rashi, alphabets and other categories from our easy filtering option.

Hindu Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
751 Boy Achyutaraya Worshipper of the Infallible; A Devotee of Vishnu
752 Boy Achyuth Lord Vishnu, Imperishable,indestructible
753 Boy Achyutha Lord Venkateswara
754 Boy Achyuthan Indestructible
755 Boy Acintya Surpassing Thought; Incogitable
756 Boy Ackersley Meadow of Oak Trees
757 Boy Acyuta Unending; Never Lapsing; Eternal
758 Boy Acyutananda Insatiable Bliss; One who Never Falls
759 Boy Acyutaraya Worshipper of the Infallible
760 Boy Acyutayu With an Impershiable Life
761 Boy Adabjot Light of Respect
762 Boy Adag Pure; Blemishless
763 Boy Adaikalam Refuge
764 Boy Adair Form of Edgar
765 Boy Adalarachan King of Dance
766 Boy Adalarasen King of Dance
767 Boy Adalarasu King of Dance
768 Boy Adaleru Brave
769 Boy Adalvallan Best Dancer
770 Boy Adam Of the red earth.
771 Boy Adambara A Great Noise; The Roaring of an Elephant
772 Boy Adambha Without Deceit; Unpretentious
773 Boy Adamya Formidable; Brave
774 Boy Adan Variation of Adam from the Red Earth; Earth; Man
775 Boy Adarko Add Meaning
776 Boy Adarsa Mirror; Image; The Ideal
777 Boy Adarsh Perfection; Excellence; Ideal
778 Boy Adarshpal Keeper of Ideals
779 Boy Adarshpreet Ideal Love
780 Boy Adavak Simple; Uncomplicated
781 Boy Adavan Sun
782 Boy Adavay Sun
783 Boy Adavya Generous and Happy
784 Boy Adawi A Grandson of Sayyidina Umer
785 Boy Aday Noble, honorable
786 Boy Adbul-qawi Servant of the Most Powerful
787 Boy Addana Shield
788 Boy Addhyansh Noble, honorable
789 Boy Addi My witness, adorned, prey
790 Boy Addit From The Beginning
791 Boy Addvik Unique
792 Boy Addy Man of the red earth
793 Boy Adeel Judge, Honest
794 Boy Adeela Equal
795 Boy Adeena noble, gentle, delicate
796 Boy Adeep Light of lord Vishnu
797 Boy Adel Righteous; Upright; Sincere; Justice; Noble; Equal
798 Boy Adelik Successful; Full of Concentration
799 Boy Adelika Approaching the Target; Full of Concentration
800 Boy Adem Earth; Of the Earth
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