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Hindu Boys Baby Names

Choose Hindu Boys Names from our unique and huge collection of Hindu Baby Names. Our categorized list of baby names helps you to find the delightful name for your baby boy. Also find Hindu Baby Boys Names by rashi, alphabets and other categories from our easy filtering option.

Hindu Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
551 Boy Abhinavan Young; New; Novel; Innovative
552 Boy Abhinay Expression
553 Boy Abhinaya Expression
554 Boy Abhinayan Fearless Eye
555 Boy Abhindra Devender
556 Boy Abhineet Perfect
557 Boy Abhineeth Forgiving
558 Boy Abhinit Acted; Actor; Completed Successfully
559 Boy Abhinita Well Performed
560 Boy Abhinivesh Desire
561 Boy Abhinna Lucky Man
562 Boy Abhinoor Prowess
563 Boy Abhinu Brave Man
564 Boy Abhipada One who Steps Fearlessly
565 Boy Abhipal Protector
566 Boy Abhipala Protector
567 Boy Abhiprit Victorious Love
568 Boy Abhipsa To Know about God
569 Boy Abhipuspa Covered with Flowers
570 Boy Abhir Mighty One
571 Boy Abhira Cowherd
572 Boy Abhiraaj Fearless King
573 Boy Abhiraam Pleasing
574 Boy Abhiraj Fearless King
575 Boy Abhiraja Fearless Ruler
576 Boy Abhiraksa One who Protects
577 Boy Abhiraksha Completely Protected
578 Boy Abhiram Lovely, delightful
579 Boy Abhirama Lovely, delightful
580 Boy Abhiramana One who Delights
581 Boy Abhirath Great Charioteer
582 Boy Abhiratra Small
583 Boy Abhiroop Handsome
584 Boy Abhiru Not a Coward; Strong; Powerful
585 Boy Abhiruc The Sun
586 Boy Abhiruca To be Bright; To Please
587 Boy Abhiruci Good Interest
588 Boy Abhirup Pleasing, handsome, charming
589 Boy Abhirupa Pleasing Form; Handsome; Charming; Lord Shiva and
590 Boy Abhirut Add Meaning
591 Boy Abhisala Convergence
592 Boy Abhisar Companion
593 Boy Abhisara To Spread Brightness
594 Boy Abhisek Ritual or Installed as a King; Bathing of God
595 Boy Abhiseka Installed as King
596 Boy Abhisha Sky
597 Boy Abhishaan Strong
598 Boy Abhisheha Desirous
599 Boy Abhishek Blessing; Shower of Milk or Water over an Idol; An
600 Boy Abhisheka Installed as King
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