Numerology of Tahir Name

What is the Numerology of Tahir name?
Subtotal(5+6) =11
Subtotal(1+1) =2
Your lucky number is2
General Traits: Number 2 people happen to be great friends. Generally, Tahir doesn't like to stay alone. Tahir can be very independent or extremely dependent on others. The number 2 makes Tahir very emotional, and sensitive. Tahir is very particular about partner in life.
Strong points: Tahir cooperates with everyone and is very helpful in nature. Tahir is quite patient and polite in behavior. Tahir's graceful behavior and be-charming looks wins many admirers.
Weak points: Tahir can be very shy that hampers the self-expression skills. Taking a decision is way too hard a task for Tahir. Tahir can easily get frustrated and bored doing similar kind of work.
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