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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Sp'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
251 Boy Atamjog Attaining the spiritual union
252 Boy Atamjot Spiritual flame
253 Boy Atamkaram Acting to attain the spirit
254 Boy Atamleen Absorbed in the spirit
255 Boy Atamnidhan Spiritual treasure
256 Boy Atamprakash Spiritual light
257 Boy Atampreet Spiritual love
258 Boy Atamprem Spiritual love
259 Boy Atamrang Imbued with spirituality
260 Boy Atamras Spiritual elixir
261 Boy Atamroop Embodiment of the spirit
262 Boy Atamsimar Absorbed in the spirit
263 Boy Atamtat Attaining the spiritual reality
264 Boy Atamtek Taking the support of spirit
265 Boy Atamveer Spiritually brave
266 Boy Atish Fire, splendor
267 Girl Atisha Peace, spiritual enlightenment for well-being of m
268 Boy Atmaram Soul, spirit
269 Girl Attamjeet God of spiritually
270 Girl Attamjeet God of spiritually
271 Girl Attamjit God of spiritually
272 Boy Augustus Revered, exalted, worthy of respect, great, magnif
273 Boy Avapaka Spotless, a bracelet of gold
274 Boy Aviv Spring, renewal
275 Girl Aviva Joyful spring
276 Boy Avkash Limitless space
277 Boy Avkash Limitless space
278 Boy Avkash Limitless space avatar incarnation
279 Boy Avyansh Very inspired, creative
280 Boy Ayaaz Respected and enduring
281 Boy Ayaaz Respected and enduring
282 Girl Ayra Respectable
283 Girl Ayra Respectable
284 Girl Ayrah Respectable
285 Girl Ayusha Life span
286 Girl Azalia Spared by jehovah
287 Boy Azam Offspring, variant of a'zam, greatest, biggest
288 Boy Azeez Friend, dear, beloved, respected, precious
289 Girl Baalah Her idol, she that is governed or subdued, a spous
290 Girl Bachendri The sense of speech
291 Girl Bahar Spring season, prime of life, bloom of youth
292 Boy Bahar Spring
293 Boy Bahir Luminous, sparkling, dazzling, prevailing
294 Boy Baibhav Prosperity
295 Boy Baibhav Richness or prosperity or glorious or powerful or
296 Boy Bakhtawar One who brings good luck, fortunate, lucky, prospe
297 Boy Bani Children, speech, an orator, sayings of the guru
298 Boy Banibrata Controller of speech
299 Girl Barnali Dispersion of seven colors
300 Boy Basant Spring, season of spring, happy
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