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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Sp'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
101 Girl Aishwarya;aiswarya Wealth, prosperity
102 Girl Aishya Spring
103 Girl Aisiri Prosperous, wealth
104 Girl Aiswarya Wealth, prosperity
105 Boy Aiyah Love, respect
106 Girl Aizah Prospering
107 Boy Ajahni He who wins the struggle in african speaking count
108 Boy Akasa Open air, space
109 Girl Akasa Open air, space
110 Boy Akasha Open air, space
111 Girl Akasha Open air, space
112 Girl Akasi The atmosphere
113 Boy Akhas A narrator of hadith, excellent, special
114 Boy Akhash Open air, space
115 Girl Akhira Splendid or elegant
116 Boy Aklamash Spotless, pure
117 Boy Akrsna Not black, spotless, white, pure, moon
118 Girl Akshaya Special star, indestructible, gold, rich
119 Boy Algar Elf spear
120 Girl Alla Defender, nobility, the supreme spirit, mother, no
121 Boy Allgar Elf spear
122 Boy Aloka Vision, sight, aspect, lustre, splendour
123 Girl Amal Bright, clean, pure, hope, wish, expectation, aspi
124 Girl Amala The pure one, bird, hope, spotless
125 Boy Amala Spotless, pure, tree
126 Girl Amala The pure one, bird, hope, spotless
127 Boy Amana Friendly disposition, kindness, affection
128 Girl Amani Road, one who shows the path, wishes, aspiration,
129 Boy Amani Peace, wishes, aspiration, belief, faith
130 Girl Amaryllis Fresh, sparkling
131 Girl Amaryllis Fresh, sparkling
132 Boy Amasa Sparing the people.
133 Boy Ambarisa Ruler of the sky, atmosphere
134 Girl Amira Speech
135 Girl Amira Princess, high-born girl, speech, prosperous, tree
136 Girl Amirthine Sweet spoken
137 Boy Amitabh One with boundless splendour
138 Boy Amitabh-amitaabh Unlimited, one with boundless splendour, boundless
139 Boy Amitabh;amitaabh Unlimited, one with boundless splendour, boundless
140 Boy Amrakuta Special halls or mansions
141 Boy Amraphel One that speaks of secrets
142 Girl Amrita Full of nectar, spiritual holy water, immortality
143 Girl Amudhamoli Who speaks sweet
144 Boy Anaisha Special
145 Girl Anaisha Special
146 Girl Anaisha Special
147 Girl Anakh Self-respect, bravery
148 Boy Anakh Self-respect, bravery
149 Boy Anakhveer Self-respect, bravery
150 Girl Anandaparna One who spread happiness and joy
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