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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Sp'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
151 Boy Anangada Who inspires love
152 Boy Anapaya Without obstacle, prosperous, lord shiva
153 Girl Anasuya Rain, without spite or envy, wife of rishi atri
154 Girl Anasuya Rain, without spite or envy, wife of rishi atri
155 Girl Anathi Modest, respectful, joyful, peaceful
156 Boy Anbucheliyan Kind and prosperous
157 Girl Anbumoli Lovable language, lovable words, who speaks kindly
158 Girl Anbumoli Who speaks kindly
159 Boy Anbumoli Who speaks kind words
160 Boy Anbuselvan Kind and prosperous, kind, king of love
161 Boy Angaar Spark of fire
162 Girl Angana An suspicious or handsome woman
163 Girl Angeni Spirit
164 Girl Angira Mother of birhaspati
165 Girl Angiri Mother of brihaspati
166 Boy Anilaabh Spirit of the wind
167 Boy Anilaabh;anilabh Spirit of the wind
168 Boy Anilaabh;anilabh Spirit of the wind
169 Boy Anilabh Spirit of the wind
170 Girl Anindini Who does not speak ill of others
171 Boy Aniteja Immeasurable splendour
172 Girl Anjalai Modest, mark of respect
173 Girl Ankitha With auspicious marks
174 Boy Ankur New life, glow, sprout
175 Boy Ankur New life, glow, sprout
176 Girl Ankura A sprout
177 Boy Ankura The sprout, initial
178 Girl Anouka Spirit of god
179 Girl Anshumati Wise, glorious, splendid
180 Girl Ansumati Wise, glorious, splendid
181 Boy Antariksh Space, universe
182 Boy Antariksh Space
183 Girl Antariksha Space, sky
184 Girl Antarjot Spiritual light or divine light within
185 Boy Antioch Speedy as a chariot
186 Boy Antish Something special
187 Boy Antriksa Space, outer space, sky
188 Girl Antriksha Space, sky
189 Boy Antrix Space, sky
190 Boy Anubhaj One who follows worship, spiritual
191 Boy Anukula Agreeable, favourably disposed
192 Boy Anusikha Crested, decorated, respected
193 Boy Anynaga Spotless, flawless, divine
194 Girl Apporva Special
195 Boy Ara Swift, speedy, ornament, decoration
196 Girl Arati Prayer, worship, a ritual done on auspicious occas
197 Girl Aravindini Auspicious,
198 Girl Arcana Respected
199 Boy Archishmanthudu Gloriousperson
200 Boy Arin Mountain of strength, with spokes, discuss, bringe
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