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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Sp'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
401 Boy Chenaniah Preparation, or disposition, or strength of the lo
402 Boy Chezhian Prosperous
403 Girl Chhab Beauty, splendour, brilliance, fashion, form, figu
404 Girl Chhab Beauty, splendour, brilliance, fashion, form, figu
405 Boy Chidaatma Supreme spirit
406 Boy Chidaatma Supreme spirit
407 Boy Chidanand Supreme spirit
408 Boy Chidathma Supreme spirit, the god
409 Boy Chidatma Supreme spirit
410 Boy Chidatma Supreme spirit
411 Boy Chilton Farm by the spring
412 Girl Chinki Inspired, intuitive, and creative
413 Girl Chippi A pearl and something very very special
414 Boy Chitatam One who is aware of the spirit
415 Boy Chitatam One who is aware of the spirit
416 Boy Chitrak Spotted
417 Girl Chitrasena With a bright spear
418 Boy Chitsaroop The supreme spirit
419 Girl Chitsaroop Supreme spirit
420 Boy Chitsaroop Supreme spirit
421 Girl Chitsaroop Supreme spirit
422 Boy Chittaswarup The supreme spirit
423 Boy Chittaswarup The supreme spirit
424 Boy Cholla Arborescent cacti having very spiny cylindrical st
425 Boy Chorei Transparent spirituality
426 Boy Chozen Clear/transparent meditation practice
427 Girl Chulin Crisp, calm, reserved
428 Boy Chyavan Name of a saint, divinely inspired sage
429 Boy Cidvilasa One who sports in the knowledge of illusion
430 Boy Citrabahu With a speckled arm
431 Boy Citraka Painted, spotted
432 Boy Citraksa Speckled eyes
433 Boy Citrasena With a bright spear
434 Boy Citrya Brilliant, sparkling
435 Boy Claro He who is transparent
436 Girl Crystal Clear, transparent
437 Boy Dadhica Sprinkling milk or curd
438 Boy Damon To tame, constant, spirit, subdue, blue sky
439 Boy Damurah Fire, sparkle of light
440 Boy Dantin A spritual personality
441 Boy Dari Splitting, opening, moving slowly
442 Boy Darshak Spectator, wind blowing fast
443 Boy Darshak Spectator
444 Boy Darshanik A philospher
445 Boy Darshit Reflection, seen, display
446 Girl Darshita Seen or vision or display
447 Girl Deborah Bee, to speak kind words, hebrew, queen bee
448 Girl Deeparathi A ritual done with lamps on auspicious occasion
449 Girl Deeti Splendor, brightness
450 Girl Deeya Splendor, light
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