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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Honest'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aadhila Honesty
2 Boy Aaman Honest, faithful, trustworthy
3 Boy Adeel Judge, honest
4 Boy Adeel Judge, honest, just
5 Boy Adeel Judge, honest
6 Boy Adil Just, honest
7 Boy Adil Sincere, just, fair, judicious, honest, righteous,
8 Girl Adilah Equal, just, honest
9 Girl Afifa Honest, upright, virtuous, pure
10 Girl Aliza Joyous, happiness, faithful, pious, honest
11 Boy Aman Wonder, peace, hero, safety, protection, honest, f
12 Boy Ameen Divine grace, honest, faithful, trustworthy
13 Boy Amin Divine grace, trustworthy, honest, amin, another n
14 Boy Amish Honest
15 Boy Amish Pure, honest
16 Girl Anjasi Honest, deceit-less
17 Boy Ansh Portion, a little part of things, honesty
18 Girl Arjav Honest, sincere
19 Boy Arshad Pious, honest, obedient, head of a group, the marc
20 Boy Avi The sun and air, honest, my father is exalted
21 Girl Bhavika Lot of emotional, well-meaning, righteous, honest,
22 Girl Darmesh Honestly
23 Boy Dhiren One who is strong, honest
24 Girl Dolma Honesty
25 Girl Ereshva Righteous, honest, sincere
26 Boy Faizeen Honest
27 Boy Faizeen Honest*
28 Boy Fraron Honest, righteous
29 Girl Haak Honest,pervading, orderly
30 Boy Harishchandra A honest king, an ancestor of lord sri ram
31 Girl Huk Honest,pervading, orderly
32 Girl Justyna Justice, honest, fair, rightful according to a ger
33 Girl Kierat Dedicated or honest living by hard work
34 Girl Kirat Dedicated or honest living by hard work
35 Girl Kirit Dedicated or honest living by hard work
36 Girl Meviya Honest man
37 Boy Meyyan Honest man
38 Boy Meyyan Honest person
39 Boy Nalan Name of an honest king
40 Boy Nalladurai Benevolent, honest
41 Boy Nallaiyan Benevolent, honest
42 Boy Nallanban Honest and kind
43 Girl Nazaaha Purity, righteousness, honesty
44 Girl Nazaaha Purity, righteousness, honesty
45 Girl Nazahah Purity, righteousness, honesty
46 Girl Nazeeha Honest
47 Girl Nazeeha Honest
48 Girl Nazihah Honest
49 Boy Needhichelvan Honest, also needhiselvan
50 Boy Needhimani Honest
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