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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Goddess lakshmi'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aaghnya Born from fire, goddess lakshmi
2 Girl Aarna Goddess lakshmi
3 Girl Aavishi Goddess lakshmi
4 Girl Abdhija Born in sea, goddess lakshmi
5 Girl Abhirami Goddess lakshmi
6 Girl Abilasha Wish, desire, goddess lakshmi
7 Girl Abirami Goddess name, goddess lakshmi
8 Girl Adhithri Goddess lakshmi
9 Girl Aditri Highest honor, goddess lakshmi
10 Girl Aditri Highest honor, goddess lakshmi
11 Girl Adrika Goddess lakshmi, celestial
12 Girl Adrika Celestial, goddess lakshmi
13 Girl Aganya Born from fire, goddess lakshmi
14 Girl Aishini Goddess lakshmi
15 Girl Ambuja Born of a lotus, goddess lakshmi
16 Girl Anurama Goddess lakshmi
17 Girl Arna Mountain of strength, goddess lakshmi / durga
18 Girl Arthada Goddess lakshmi
19 Girl Bhaagyasree Fortunate, goddess lakshmi
20 Girl Bhaanusree Goddess lakshmi, bhaanu - sun
21 Girl Bhaargavi Goddess lakshmi
22 Girl Bhagyashree Fortunate, goddess lakshmi
23 Girl Bhagyashri Goddess lakshmi, lucky
24 Girl Bhagyashri;bhaagyasree;bhagyashree Fortunate, goddess lakshmi
25 Girl Bhagyashri;bhaagyasree;bhagyashree Fortunate, goddess lakshmi
26 Girl Bhagyasree Goddess lakshmi, fortunate
27 Girl Bhagyasree;bhaagyasree;bhagyawati Goddess lakshmi, fortunate
28 Girl Bhagyatra Goddess lakshmi
29 Girl Bibhuti Goddess lakshmi
30 Girl Bibhuti;vibhuti Goddess lakshmi
31 Girl Chaindavi Goddess lakshmi
32 Girl Chakrika Goddess lakshmi
33 Girl Chakrila Goddess lakshmi
34 Girl Chancy Goddess lakshmi
35 Girl Deeta A name for goddess lakshmi
36 Girl Deethya Answer of prayers or goddess lakshmi
37 Girl Deethya Goddess lakshmi
38 Girl Deetya Answer of prayers, goddess lakshmi
39 Girl Devashree Goddess lakshmi
40 Girl Devashri Goddess lakshmi, yagya, divine beauty
41 Girl Devavarnini Goddess lakshmi, describer of the gods
42 Girl Dhanshri Goddess lakshmi
43 Girl Dhanshri;dhanashri Goddess lakshmi
44 Girl Dhanyasri Goddess lakshmi
45 Girl Dhatri Earth, goddess lakshmi, goddess parvati
46 Girl Dhatrisri Goddess lakshmi
47 Girl Dheeptha Goddess lakshmi
48 Girl Dhitya Goddess lakshmi
49 Girl Dipta Goddess lakshmi
50 Girl Dityaa Goddess lakshmi
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