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Makar Rashi Boys Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Makar Rashi Baby Boys Names beginning with the letter Kh and J with their meanings. Here you can find indian boys names on makar rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Makar Rashi Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
151 Boy Jasmith Smiley
152 Boy Jasnam One singhing the glories of Naam
153 Boy Jaspal Lord Krishna
154 Boy Jaspreet One who loves to sing praises of the Lord
155 Boy Jasraj King Of Fame
156 Boy Jasveer A brave one who sings God's praises
157 Boy Jasvinder Lord's glory
158 Boy Jaswant Victorious (Yashwant)
159 Boy Jaswanth Victorious
160 Boy Jaswin Get victory from others
161 Boy Jaswith Get victory from others
162 Boy Jatan Nurturing
163 Boy Jatasya The Ocean
164 Boy Jatayu A Semi Divine Bird
165 Boy Jathin Lord Shiva
166 Boy Jatin Lord Shiva Javesh = Related to god
167 Boy Jatinder One who has conquered the five evils
168 Boy Jatya Pleasing
169 Boy Javesh Related To God
170 Boy Javin Swift
171 Boy Javinpreet Swift
172 Boy Jawahar Gem
173 Boy Jayaansh Victory
174 Boy Jayachand Ancient King Of Kannauj
175 Boy Jayachandran Jaya- Victory Chandran- Moon Thejus- Brightness
176 Boy Jayad Causing Victory
177 Boy Jayadeep Light Of Victory
178 Boy Jayadithya Victorious sun
179 Boy Jayaditya Victorious sun
180 Boy Jayadrath With Victorious Chariots
181 Boy Jayakrishan Victorious Krishna
182 Boy Jayan The Victorious
183 Boy Jayansh Victorious
184 Boy Jayant Victorious
185 Boy Jayanta Lord Vishnu
186 Boy Jayantah Conqueror Of All Enemies
187 Boy Jayanth Star
188 Boy Jayapal king, Lord Vishnu, Lord Bramha
189 Boy Jayaprakash Light Of Victory
190 Boy Jayaraj Briliant
191 Boy Jayaram Victorious Ram
192 Boy Jayashekhar Crest Of Victory
193 Boy Jayasurya Victorious Sun
194 Boy Jayawant victorious
195 Boy Jayden Green stone, thankful
196 Boy Jayditya Victorious Sun
197 Boy Jayendra Lord of victory
198 Boy Jayesh Victor
199 Boy Jayin Conqueror
200 Boy Jaymin
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