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Makar Rashi Boys Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Makar Rashi Baby Boys Names beginning with the letter Kh and J with their meanings. Here you can find indian boys names on makar rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Makar Rashi Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
51 Boy Jagreet World's Way*
52 Boy Jagtar One who ferries people across the world-ocean
53 Boy Jahan the world
54 Boy Jahi Dignified
55 Boy Jaiaditya Victorious like Sun
56 Boy Jaichand Victory Of The Moon
57 Boy Jaidayal Victory Of Kindness
58 Boy Jaideep Victory to the light
59 Boy Jaidev God of victory
60 Boy Jaigath Victorious
61 Boy Jaigopal Victory Of Lord Krishna
62 Boy Jaiharish Lord Shiva
63 Boy Jaikapeesh Hail Monkey God
64 Boy Jaikrishna Victory Of Lord Krishna
65 Boy Jaiman Victorious
66 Boy Jaimin Strifes to triumph
67 Boy Jainam Following Janism
68 Boy Jainarayan Victory
69 Boy Jainil Victorious god Swaminarayan, Victory of blue
70 Boy Jainin Victorious god Swaminarayan, Victory of blue
71 Boy Jainish Lord of Jain
72 Boy Jainith Gift from God
73 Boy Jainy Gift from God
74 Boy Jaipal Lord Brahma
75 Boy Jaipreet The victory of love
76 Boy Jairaj Lord of victory
77 Boy Jairam Victory Of Lord Rama
78 Boy Jaishankar Victory of Lord Shiva
79 Boy Jaishish Best Among the Victors
80 Boy Jaishnav Relating to a conqueror, Relating to Arjun
81 Boy Jaisukh Joy Of Winning
82 Boy Jaithra Lord Vishnu
83 Boy Jaitra Leading To Vitory
84 Boy Jaival Life giving
85 Boy Jaivant Victorious
86 Boy Jaivardhan Lord Shiva
87 Boy Jaiveer Victorious
88 Boy Jaiveet
89 Boy Jaivik Pure & divine
90 Boy Jaiwant Victory
91 Boy Jakarious Peaceful Friend
92 Boy Jalad Giving Water
93 Boy Jalal Glory
94 Boy Jalbhushan Ornament Of Water ( Means Wind)
95 Boy Jaldev God Of Water (lord Varun)
96 Boy Jaldhar Clouds
97 Boy Jalender Lord Of Waters
98 Boy Jalendra Lord Of The Water
99 Boy Jalendu Moon In The Water
100 Boy Jalesh Lord Of Water
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