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Makar Rashi Boys Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Makar Rashi Baby Boys Names beginning with the letter Kh and J with their meanings. Here you can find indian boys names on makar rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Makar Rashi Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
301 Boy Joseph Increase; addition.
302 Boy Josh Jehovah is salvation
303 Boy Joshi Lord Vishnu
304 Boy Joshik Satisfaction, Pleasure, Approval, Happiness, With
305 Boy Joshith Pleased
306 Boy Joshua Yahweh is salvation
307 Boy Jovan God is gracious
308 Boy Joy happiness
309 Boy Jugal Couple
310 Boy Jugnu A Firefly
311 Boy Jujhar One Who Struggles
312 Boy Jusal Pari
313 Boy Jusrith
314 Boy Jwalant Luminous
315 Boy Jwalaprasad Gift Of Flame
316 Boy Jwalia Lord Shiva
317 Boy Jyestha The Eldest. Lord Vishnu
318 Boy Jyotichandra Splendour
319 Boy Jyotindra Lord Of Life
320 Boy Jyotiprakash Splendour Of The Flame
321 Boy Jyotiraaditya The Resplendence Of The Sun
322 Boy Jyotiranjan Joyous Flamae
323 Boy Jyotirdhar Holder Of The Flame
324 Boy Jyotirg Divine Light
325 Boy Jyotirmaya Imbued With Light
326 Boy Jyotirmoy Lustrous
327 Boy Khadim Servant Of God
328 Boy Khairiya charitable, good
329 Boy Khajit Lord Buddha
330 Boy Khalsa The pure one
331 Boy Khatvangin One Who Has The Missile Khatvangin In His Hand
332 Boy Khazana Treasure
333 Boy Khemchand Welfare
334 Boy Khemprakash Welfare
335 Boy Khoustbh
336 Boy Khrisha Lord Krishna
337 Boy Khushaal Happy
338 Boy Khushaansh Khushi ka Ansh
339 Boy Khushal Perfect
340 Boy Khushansh Khushi ka Ansh
341 Boy Khushant Happy
342 Boy Khushpreet Loving and delightful
343 Boy Khushu Pleasure; Happiness
344 Boy Khushwant A life filled with happpiness
345 Boy Vedantparab
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