Sara, who is now 19 years old was looking absolutely gorgeous in a black off-shoulder gown paired with a golden clutch and a golden foot-wear. The bold red lipstick worked wonders for her. Arjun who is now 17 years old wore a black suit over a white shirt.
The movie gives us a glimpse of the upbringing and how Sachin is around his kids. The movie also shows how Arjun is training to follow his father’s steps and Sachin himself is training him. However, both Arjun and Sara maintain a low profile and seem shy, just like how Sachin is. They don’t have much social media presence either, which is very much unlike other star kids.
With Sara has her mother’s good looks and Arjun following Sachin’s footsteps in cricket, India would surely be waiting for them to make it big someday.