1. Getting Periods on Time
Getting Periods on Time
Getting your periods on time is a huge signal that you are super-fertile and also an indication that you are ovulating. Basically, how menstrual cycle works depict at what level your fertility is.
2. Blood Flow Normalcy
Blood Flow Normalcy
Every woman’s blood flow is different. While some have heavy discharge, some have light discharge. However, if your blood flow is normal, not too heavy or not too light, it is a sign that you are fertile. Heavy bleeding has an impact on uterus and prevents it from being ready for implantation.
3. PMS Symptoms
PMS Symptoms
If a woman has all the PMS symptoms like cramping, breast tenderness and bloating, it shows that she is very fertile.
4. Medical History
Medical History
A clean medical history, good gynecologist care after a sexual activity and a healthy lifestyle has a great impact on your fertility. It shows a good level of fertility.
5. Size of the Breast
Size of the Breast
It does seem weird, but the size of the breast does affect a woman’s fertility. A well-developed breast size shows that a woman’s hormones are right in place and has good fertility.
6. Healthy Pelvis
Healthy Pelvis
Cramps and pain during periods can lead to weakening of the pelvis. This can eventually lead to a reduction of a woman’s chance of getting pregnant. The more healthy a pelvis is, the more fertility a woman has.
7. Getting a clear discharge
Getting a clear discharge
Once or twice in a month, a woman may notice that she gets a clear and odorless discharge. This is the sign that she is in her most fertile period. Scientifically, it shows that she has a healthy estrogen production.