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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Will'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Abheesha Goddess of will
2 Boy Abinadab Father of a vow, or of willingness
3 Boy Ahinadab A willing brother, brother of a vow
4 Boy Akeem God will establish
5 Boy Akim God will establish
6 Boy Alman Kind, willing and wiseman
7 Girl Amaira One who will be forever beautiful
8 Girl Ananias God will hear
9 Girl Aniha Indifferent, unwillingness
10 Boy Asketa Master of will, master of the house
11 Girl Biji Willow tree
12 Boy Bill Resolute protector, form of william, resolute guar
13 Boy Bill Will-helmet
14 Boy Billie Will-helmet
15 Boy Billy A familiar form of william, determined guardian
16 Boy Bincy Someone who will make the best of ever
17 Girl Bincy Someone who will make the best of ever
18 Girl Charishma Lot of good will
19 Boy Deen God will judge, place name, church official, relig
20 Boy Devachit The will of the gods
21 Girl Dhiriti Will, resolution
22 Girl Dhriiti Will, resolution
23 Girl Dhrti Will, resolution
24 Girl Dhrti Earth, will, resolution
25 Boy Dhruddavrat Strong willed meditator
26 Boy Dhruddavrat Strong willed meditator
27 Girl Elma Will, desire, helmet, god's protection, will-helme
28 Girl Gracy Good will
29 Girl Grecy Loves god, graceful, goodwill
30 Boy Haraka He will be good to all, lard vishnu name, one who
31 Boy Hardharam Holy person abiding by god' will
32 Boy Hukum Order, god's will
33 Boy Hukumjeet Victory with god's will
34 Boy Hukumpreet Love for god's will
35 Girl Innah Good will
36 Boy Iosif God will add (joseph)
37 Boy Isaac He will laugh
38 Boy Isaak He will laugh
39 Boy Isac He will laugh
40 Boy Isacc He will laugh
41 Boy Ishaya Will of getting something
42 Boy Ishmael God will hear
43 Boy Ismael God will hear
44 Boy Ismail God will hear
45 Boy Ismail God will hear
46 Boy Izzy He will laugh
47 Boy Jaazaniah Whom the lord will hear.
48 Boy Jabez God will increase your boundary, borne in pain
49 Boy Jabez God will increase your boundary*
50 Boy Jareb A revenger, he will struggle
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