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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'River'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Acchoda With clear water, a river
2 Boy Alakanand River
3 Girl Alakananda Name of a river
4 Girl Alaknanda A river in the himalayas, flawless
5 Boy Aldford Old river-ford
6 Boy Alford Old river-ford
7 Girl Amaraja A sacred river, daughter of the gods
8 Girl Amaratatini River of deathless
9 Girl Amaravathi River name
10 Girl Amaravathy Flowing river
11 Girl Amshumati Intelligent, river yamuna
12 Girl Amu The river amu
13 Girl Anwika Small stream or river
14 Boy Apagasuta Son of the river, another name for bhisma
15 Boy Apageya Originating from the river
16 Girl Arkaja River yamuna
17 Boy Arnon Rushing stream, torrent valley, a river and wadi i
18 Boy Arnon Rushing stream, torrent valley, a river and wadi i
19 Boy Ashita River yamuna
20 Girl Ashita River yamuna
21 Girl Ashita River yamuna
22 Girl Asita The river yamuna
23 Girl Asita;ashita The river yamuna
24 Girl Atreyee Name of a river, container of glory
25 Girl Atreyi Name of a river, container of happiness and wealth
26 Girl Atreyi Name of a river
27 Girl Atreyi;atreyee Name of a river, container of glory
28 Girl Avaani On course, the bed of a river, the earth
29 Boy Avish Sun, ocean, king, life giving, earth, sky, river
30 Girl Avishi Earth, river
31 Girl Bahubhuja A river's name
32 Girl Balavikarnika A river, apretty woman
33 Girl Bhaageerathi Name of an indian river
34 Girl Bhaanujaa Name of river yamuna
35 Boy Bhageerath A king of suryavamsha who brought river ganga from
36 Boy Bhagirath One who brought river ganga to the earth
37 Girl Bhagirathee Name of ganges river
38 Girl Bhagirathi The river ganga
39 Girl Bhagirathi The river ganga
40 Girl Bhanuja River yamuna
41 Girl Bhilangana A river
42 Girl Bipasha A river, beas
43 Girl Bipasha A river
44 Girl Bipasha;vipasha Beas river, a river in the northwestern region of
45 Boy Bradford Broad river ford.
46 Girl Budarika One of the sources of the river ganga
47 Boy Byford Lives at the river crossing
48 Girl Candradara River on the moon
49 Boy Carter Cart driver
50 Boy Carter Cart driver
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