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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Quick'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aadiyapadham One who is very active or quick
2 Girl Aathirra Prayer, quick, lightening
3 Boy Ashu Small, quick
4 Girl Ashu Quick
5 Boy Ashuthosh One who quickly satisfied
6 Boy Ashutosh One who quickly satisfied"
7 Boy Asutosh One who quickly satisfied
8 Girl Atheera Prayer or quick or lightening
9 Girl Athira Powerful, prayer, quick, lightening
10 Boy Bhimavega With a high speed, quick, active
11 Boy Chapal Quick, swift, lightning, clever, restless
12 Girl Chapala Quick
13 Girl Chapala Quick, restless, lighting
14 Boy Cheta Quick
15 Girl Dharuni To get aim quickly
16 Boy Dhavak Runner, quick, swift
17 Girl Haya Modesty, decency, shyness, shame, life, quick, lig
18 Boy Javas Quick, swift
19 Boy Javas Quick
20 Boy Javistha Quickest
21 Girl Jhalak Quick look, spark, sudden motion
22 Boy Komya Quick thinker
23 Girl Komya Quick thinker
24 Girl Laghu Quick
25 Boy Laghun Quick
26 Boy Laghun Quick
27 Boy Prajav A quick motion
28 Boy Quzam Violent and quick
29 Girl Ranhita Quick
30 Girl Rosana Rose, passionate, quicksilver, graceful rose, dawn
31 Boy Rosana Rose, passionate, quicksilver
32 Boy Roschan Passionate, quicksilver
33 Boy Roschana Passionate, quicksilver
34 Boy Rudraj Quick, silver, mercury
35 Boy Sashwanth Quick-minded
36 Boy Sherwin Swift, quick as the wind, glowing friend
37 Boy Shighraj The sun, moving quickly
38 Girl Shuki Bright, quick-witted
39 Boy Speedy Quick, successful
40 Girl Tarashi Quick moving
41 Girl Tarashini Quick moving
42 Boy Tarasvin Quick, energetic
43 Boy Taraswat Quick, violent, energetic
44 Girl Taraswati Quick moving
45 Boy Turni Clever, quick
46 Girl Tvarika Swift, quick
47 Boy Yavan Quick, soft
48 Girl Yavana Quick, swift, youth, young, handsome, beautiful
49 Girl Yavani Quick, swift
50 Girl Yavi Quick, swift
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