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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Lovely'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Abhiraam Lovely, pleasing
2 Boy Abhiram Lovely, delightful
3 Boy Abhiram Lovely, pleasing
4 Boy Abhirama Lovely, delightful
5 Boy Abhirama Lovely, delightful
6 Girl Abinaya God, pretty girl, lovely, sweet
7 Boy Ahzaan Better. most lovely
8 Girl Aishu Angel sweet lovely beautiful
9 Girl Alaka A girl with a lovely hair
10 Girl Alaka-alka A girl with a lovely hair
11 Girl Alaka;alka Lock of curly hair, a girl with a lovely hair
12 Girl Alaka;alka Lock of curly hair, a girl with a lovely hair
13 Girl Alka Diamond, a girl with a lovely hair, lock of curly
14 Boy Alok A man with lovely hair, cry of victory, lord subra
15 Boy Anbalagan Lovely person
16 Boy Anbalagan Lovely and handsome
17 Girl Anbalagi Lovely and beautiful, see anbu
18 Girl Anbalagi Beautiful lovable person, lovely and beautiful
19 Boy Anbanandan Lovely and happy
20 Boy Anbu Love, kindness, love, lovely, kindness
21 Girl Anbu Lovely, kindness
22 Girl Anbulam Lovely, kind-hearted
23 Girl Anbulam Lovely, kind-hearted
24 Girl Anbumani Lovely gem
25 Boy Anbumani Lovely gem
26 Boy Anir Lovely
27 Girl Anuroop Worthy of, befitting, lovely
28 Girl Aruna Lovely, dawn
29 Girl Aruna Lovely, dawn
30 Boy Asecana Charming, lovely
31 Girl Bhagya Lovely, lucky, fortune, faith
32 Boy Bittu Lovely baby
33 Boy Bittu Lovely baby
34 Girl Bonnie Fair, lovely
35 Girl Cala Castle, fortress, lovely, most beautiful
36 Boy Carusara The essence of all that is lovely
37 Girl Chaarvi Lovely, beautiful
38 Girl Chaarvy Lovely, beautiful
39 Girl Chaheti Lovely, lovable for all
40 Girl Chandrakaantaa As lovely as the moon
41 Girl Charvee Lovely, beautiful
42 Girl Charvee Lovely, beautiful
43 Girl Charvi Lovely
44 Girl Charvi A beautiful woman, lovely, beautiful woman
45 Girl Charvi Lovely, a beautiful woman
46 Boy Chitpal Lovely heart
47 Boy Chitpal Lovely heart
48 Girl Cilji Lovely girl
49 Girl Dilu Pavam, sweet, cheerful, lovely, short, round, fair
50 Girl Dishmeet Lovely soul
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