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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Happy'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aanadi Always happy
2 Girl Aananadini Happy girl
3 Girl Aanandamayi Very happy
4 Girl Aanandi Always happy (woman)
5 Girl Aanandi Happy, cheerful, always happy woman, full of joy,
6 Girl Aanandi-aanandita Always happy woman
7 Girl Aanandmayi Happy nature
8 Boy Aarjav One who is steadfast in happy and sorrow
9 Girl Ada Noble, kind, nobility, the oldest daughter, happy,
10 Girl Ada Prosperous, happy
11 Girl Ada Prosperous, happy
12 Girl Ada Prosperous, happy
13 Girl Ada Prosperous, happy
14 Boy Adavya Generous and happy
15 Boy Addo Happy, ornament
16 Girl Ahladini In happy mood
17 Girl Ahladit Happy mood
18 Girl Ahladita In happy mood
19 Boy Ahladita In happy mood
20 Boy Akhadanand The god, completelt happy
21 Boy Akhandanand Fully happy, god
22 Boy Amitosa Ever happy
23 Boy Amitosh Ever happy
24 Girl Amodini Happy girl, joyful
25 Boy Anandagajapathi Happy king
26 Boy Anandan Happy boy, one who brings happiness, see anandam
27 Boy Anandan Happy boy, one who brings happiness
28 Boy Anandhan Making others glad, happy man
29 Girl Anandhi Always happy woman
30 Girl Anandi Always happy, joyful, unending
31 Girl Anandi A woman who always remains happy, joyful
32 Girl Anandika Happy person
33 Boy Anandin Blissful, happy, cheerful
34 Girl Anandita Happy
35 Girl Anandita Happy
36 Girl Ananthi Happy
37 Boy Anbanandan Lovely and happy
38 Girl Anoosheh Lucky, happy
39 Boy Arins Happy
40 Boy Arivanandhan Person having wisdom and happy
41 Boy Asher Blessed, fortunate, lucky, happy, felicitous, son
42 Boy Asher Blessed, happy
43 Girl Ashi Evening, night, reward, smile, happy
44 Boy Ashitosh Always happy
45 Girl Ashmi Brightness like sun, ash, happy
46 Boy Ashooja Eternally happy, blessed
47 Girl Ashooja Eternally happy, blessed
48 Boy Ashu Happy
49 Boy Ashur Who is happy, or walks, or looks
50 Girl Ashvinder Happy
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