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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Happy'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
301 Boy Paramseetal Most peaceful and happy
302 Girl Parphullat Happy, contended
303 Girl Parphullat Happy, contended
304 Boy Parsan One who is happy and delightful
305 Boy Parsan One who is happy and delightful
306 Boy Parsan One who is happy and delightful
307 Boy Parsan One who is happy and delightful
308 Boy Patjith Always happy
309 Boy Pinkay Always happy
310 Boy Praharsh Happy person
311 Girl Praharshita Ever happy girl
312 Girl Praharshita Ever happy girl
313 Boy Pramod Happy, growth, happiness, delight
314 Boy Prasanna Cheerful, pleased, happy
315 Boy Prashang Happy movement
316 Boy Prashanna Joyful, happy
317 Girl Prasunna Cheerful, pleased, happy
318 Girl Preetha Happy, love
319 Boy Pulkit Happy, thrilled, overjoyed
320 Boy Pulkit Joy, happiness, happy, thrilled, overjoyed
321 Boy Rajik Happy, caring
322 Boy Ranvith Happy
323 Girl Raunak A happy atmosphere
324 Girl Razia Chosen, happy
325 Girl Renji To make happy
326 Girl Rishani Happy
327 Boy Roshan Shining, lightning, happy and cool, illumination,
328 Boy Saeed-said Happy
329 Boy Sachidanand One with a good mind and who is happy
330 Boy Sadanandam Who is happy always
331 Boy Sadun Happy
332 Boy Saeed Priestly, happy, fortunate, prosperous, lucky, riv
333 Boy Saeed Happy, rivulet
334 Boy Saeed Happy, rivulet
335 Girl Saharsha Happy, rejoicing
336 Boy Saharsha Happy, rejoicing
337 Girl Sahyaja Happy, fortunate
338 Boy Said;sayyid Happy
339 Girl Saidah Happy, fortunate
340 Girl Saira Happy, beautiful, traveller, a bird
341 Girl Saira-sairah Happy, beautiul, traveller
342 Girl Saira;sairah Happy, beautiful, traveller
343 Girl Saisri Happy, beautiful, traveller
344 Boy Salim Happy, peaceful, safe, sound, tranquillity, anothe
345 Girl Salima Happy, safe, healthy, sound
346 Girl Sameena Happy, fatty, plump
347 Boy Samen Happy
348 Boy Samen Happy
349 Boy Samen Excited, happy
350 Girl Samina Happy
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