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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Beautiful girl'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Alankritha Decorated lady, beautiful girl
2 Girl Aliyana Beautiful girl
3 Girl Attyaza Beautiful girl
4 Girl Azhaguseetha Beautiful girl
5 Girl Chaarvi Beautiful girl, sanskrit
6 Girl Deepika A little light, beautiful girl, lamp, light, a raa
7 Girl Elilammal Beautiful girl
8 Girl Elilchelvi Beautiful girl
9 Girl Elilmangai Beautiful girl
10 Girl Elilmangai Beautiful girl, see elili & elilnangai
11 Girl Elilnangai Beautiful girl
12 Girl Kani Sound, beautiful girl
13 Girl Kani Sound, beautiful girl
14 Girl Kehani Beautiful girl
15 Girl Kinisha Beautiful girl, royal obligation, clear water
16 Girl Kishoeri Beautiful girl
17 Boy Kishu Beautiful girl
18 Girl Kodhai Beautiful girl
19 Girl Kodhai Beautiful girl, beautiful girl, pron. kodhai
20 Girl Manjubala Beautiful girl, a sweet girl
21 Girl Meyyalagi Truly beautiful girl
22 Girl Meyyalagi Truely beautiful girl, also meyyalagu
23 Girl Nada Beautiful girl
24 Girl Omrita A very beautiful girl
25 Girl Paavai Beautiful girl
26 Girl Paavai Beautiful girl, beautiful girl, also pavai
27 Girl Paavni Beautiful girl, to make pure something
28 Girl Padhumai Soft, smooth, beautiful girl
29 Girl Queen Beautiful girl, royal, highest lady, the wife of a
30 Girl Radhalavanya Beautiful girl
31 Girl Ramani Beautiful girl, beauty of lord krishna, wife of lo
32 Girl Ramani Beautiful girl
33 Girl Ramani Beautiful girl, woman
34 Girl Ramini Beautiful girl
35 Girl Ramuniqe Beautiful girl
36 Girl Santu Kind and beautiful girl
37 Girl Shrija Beautiful girl, girl of jain
38 Girl Sripriya Favourite person of godess lakshmi, beautiful girl
39 Girl Sukanya Beautiful girl
40 Girl Sukanya Beautiful girl, comely
41 Girl Susumna A dark complexioned and beautiful girl
42 Girl Swetha Beautiful girl, lovely, pure as milk, fair complex
43 Girl Tinni Beautiful girl
44 Girl Tishitha Beautiful girl
45 Girl Vanuja Beautiful girl of forest
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