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Kark Rashi Boys Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Kark Rashi Baby Boys Names beginning with the letter D and H with their meanings. Here you can find indian boys names on kark rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Kark Rashi Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
301 Boy Druvam The enduring sound, Heaven, Certainly, Eternally
302 Boy Dulal Dear One
303 Boy Duraimurugan Lord Murugan
304 Boy Duranjaya A Heroic Son
305 Boy Durgadas Servant ( A Devotee ) Of Godess Durga
306 Boy Durgadutt Gift From Godess Durga
307 Boy Durgesh lord of forts
308 Boy Durijesh Moon
309 Boy Durja The Invincible
310 Boy Durjaneeya Difficult To Be Known
311 Boy Durjaya Difficult To Conquer
312 Boy Durmada The False Pride
313 Boy Durmika Impossible to get
314 Boy Durvank Gifted friend
315 Boy Durvish who cannot be affected by poison
316 Boy Dushyant name of a King
317 Boy Dushyanta A King From The Epic Mahabharata
318 Boy Dvaimatura One who has two Mothers
319 Boy Dvait Unique
320 Boy Dvimidha One who knows present as well as future
321 Boy Dwaipayan;dwaipayana The sage Vyasa; Another name of Veda Vyasa; Island
322 Boy Dwaraka Lord Krishna's kingdom
323 Boy Dwaraka-das Servant Of Dwaarakaa
324 Boy Dwaraka-nath Lord Of Dwarakaa
325 Boy Dwarkapati Lord Of Dwarka
326 Boy Dweep Island
327 Boy Dwij Saint
328 Boy Dwijaraj King Of Brahmins; The Moon
329 Boy Dwijendra King Of Brahmins; The Moon
330 Boy Dwijesh Lord of brahmins
331 Boy Dyumani Lord Shiva
332 Boy Dyutit Illuminated
333 Boy Haarish Lord Shiva; Lord Krishna
334 Boy Hakesh Lord Of Sound
335 Boy Hakkesh Lord of sound
336 Boy Hament Early winter , Most beautiful season of the year
337 Boy Hamir A Raga
338 Boy Hamsavardhan Lord Shiva's Swans
339 Boy Hamsika Goddess Saraswathi
340 Boy Hanosh Sweetness
341 Boy Hans Swan
342 Boy Hansaraj King Of A Swan
343 Boy Hanshal Swan Like
344 Boy Hansikaa Swan
345 Boy Hansin The Universal Soul
346 Boy Hansraaj king of swans
347 Boy Hansraj King Of Swans
348 Boy Hanuman Monkey God
349 Boy Hanumant The monkey god
350 Boy Hanumanta Puffy Cheeks
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