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Kark Rashi Boys Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Kark Rashi Baby Boys Names beginning with the letter D and H with their meanings. Here you can find indian boys names on kark rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Kark Rashi Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
401 Boy Hariraj King Of Lions
402 Boy Hariram Lord Rama
403 Boy Harish Lord Shiva
404 Boy Harishankar Lord Shiva
405 Boy Harisharan Protection of Hari
406 Boy Harishchandra King Of Surya Dynasty, Charitable
407 Boy Harisree Beautifully Golden
408 Boy Haritbaran green
409 Boy Harith Green Colour
410 Boy Harivansh belonging to the family of Hari
411 Boy Harivilas The Abode Of Hari
412 Boy Harjap One who meditates on the Lord
413 Boy Harjeet victorious
414 Boy Harjeevan One Who Lives God Oriented Life
415 Boy Harjit Victor
416 Boy Harjith Victorious
417 Boy Harjot God's Light
418 Boy Harjyot Gods light
419 Boy Harkeerat One who sings God's praises
420 Boy Harkiran The ray of God's Light
421 Boy Harkrishna Lord Krishna
422 Boy Harman Everybody's beloved
423 Boy Harmandar House of God
424 Boy Harmandeep Bold
425 Boy Harmeet God's friend
426 Boy Harmendra the moon
427 Boy Harmesh Moon
428 Boy Harnam Love of God's Naam
429 Boy Harnath-harinath Variant of 'Hari'; God
430 Boy Harnek God's noble person
431 Boy Harnish Remove the night and spread the light
432 Boy Haroon Hope
433 Boy Harpal One protected by God
434 Boy Harpreet One who loves God
435 Boy Harsajjan God's friend and beloved
436 Boy Harsan Happiness
437 Boy Harsath Happiness
438 Boy Harsh happiness
439 Boy Harsha joy, delight
440 Boy Harshaan Happiness
441 Boy Harshad one who showers joy
442 Boy Harshal joyful
443 Boy Harshaman Full Of Joy
444 Boy Harsharan One who takes shelter in the Lord
445 Boy Harshashree Happiness
446 Boy Harshat Full of happiness
447 Boy Harshavardhan creator of joy
448 Boy Harshbir Happy Brace
449 Boy Harsheel joyful
450 Boy Harsheeth joyful
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