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Hindu Boys Baby Names

Choose Hindu Boys Names from our unique and huge collection of Hindu Baby Names. Our categorized list of baby names helps you to find the delightful name for your baby boy. Also find Hindu Baby Boys Names by rashi, alphabets and other categories from our easy filtering option.

Hindu Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
51 Boy Aadhvan The sun
52 Boy Aadhvik Unique
53 Boy Aadhya First Power or The Beginning
54 Boy Aadhyan first power or goddess durga
55 Boy Aadhyay Name of God
56 Boy Aadi First
57 Boy Aadidev The first god
58 Boy Aadideva Highest God; The First God for Prayer; The Lord Ga
59 Boy Aadijay The First Victory
60 Boy Aadik Beginning with
61 Boy Aadil Justice; Upright; Sincere
62 Boy Aadimoola Supreme Being
63 Boy Aadimoolan Supreme Being
64 Boy Aadinath God; Supreme Ruler of the Universe; The First God
65 Boy Aadinatha The Primordial Master
66 Boy Aadipta Bright
67 Boy Aadir Origin; Beginning
68 Boy Aadish Full of Wisdom; Intelligent
69 Boy Aadishankar Shrishankaracharya; The Founder of Adwaitha Philos
70 Boy Aadishwar Aadishwar; Bhagvan; First Jain Tirthankara
71 Boy Aadit Peak
72 Boy Aaditey Son of Aditi
73 Boy Aaditeya Son of Aditi
74 Boy Aadithya The Sun
75 Boy Aaditiya Sun
76 Boy Aaditva The Sun
77 Boy Aaditya Sun
78 Boy Aadityaa The Sun
79 Boy Aadityan Son of aditi
80 Boy Aadityapal Protector of the Sun
81 Boy Aadiv Delicate
82 Boy Aadivinayak God Ganesa
83 Boy Aadiyapadham One who is Very Active or Quick
84 Boy Aadrash An Ideal
85 Boy Aadrik Rising Sun Between Mountains
86 Boy Aadrit Respected, Honoured, Worshipped
87 Boy Aadrita Lots of Love Gathering
88 Boy Aadroop Embodiment of the Beginning-less
89 Boy Aadruta Respected Person
90 Boy Aadvay Unique
91 Boy Aadvik Unique
92 Boy Aadvit Unique
93 Boy Aadya Light; The Earliest; Lord Shiva
94 Boy Aadyant Beginning and end
95 Boy Aadyot Praise
96 Boy Aadyut The first; Mother Earth
97 Boy Aafiya Good Health
98 Boy Aafreen Encouragement; Sun
99 Boy Aaftab The Sun
100 Boy Aagam Coming; Arrival
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