1. Peer pressure
Peer pressure
What others think of you is honestly not your business. But as parents we often tend to get strayed into that direction of raising kids as how the society really prefers us to. Constant comparison to other peer parents adds on to the pressure of trying to be the best parent possible. Remember, parenting is only about you and your baby, there is and shall never be the place or need for an outsider.
2. Financial responsibilities
Financial responsibilities
In today’s economic conditions, the price of providing your kid with a good education has sky rocketed! Add to that the demands and fulfillments of your kid and things couldn’t look more difficult. Make sure your financial responsibilities don’t take a toll on your parenting. It is every parent’s wish to provide the best to their kid but make conscious decisions while spending and don’t get carried away with emotions.
3. Doing it all alone
Doing it all alone
Nuclear families are becoming more and more common these days. New parents in such families often miss the support and guidance from the more experienced members of the extended family.
4. Work-life balance
Work-life balance
With the added pressure of being financially sound, it has become mandatory for both parents to make a decent living. Having kids and managing this work life balance is quite stressful and often the major reason for lots of problems. Parents have to tend to outside help and put their kids in daycare or hire nanny’s, which also evolves other problems and stress factors.
5. Cultural differences
Cultural differences
This has become the new age problem for most parents. In an Indian Society, we live under the societal norms and use them as guidelines for social conduct and behavior. Imbibing these values in kids today is quite challenging and parents often face the pressure of trying to bring up a value educated kid with good traditional and religious values without pushing the kid to become rebellious and detest you for doing the same.
6. Stressful relations
Stressful relations
Differences between the thinking of generations often leads to stressful relations. We have read enough to know how our relationship with our parents has lead to several psycho-emotional and relationship difficulties in life. This makes us more anxious and conscious about not messing with our own kid. As a parent, trying to juggle between the do’s and dont’s of parenting can be quite stressful. This takes away our relaxed state of trusting our intuitions.
Remember, being a parent is one of the biggest and the most beautiful thing that can ever happen to someone.