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Christian Boys Baby Names

Choose Christian Boys Names from our unique and huge collection of Christian Baby Names. Our categorized list of Christian names helps you to find the delightful name for your baby boy. Also find Christian Baby Boys Names by alphabets and other categories from our easy filtering option.

Christian Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderChristian Baby NameMeaning
701 Boy Bill Will-helmet
702 Boy Billie Will-helmet
703 Boy Billy a familiar form of William; determined guardian
704 Boy Binah Wise
705 Boy Binea Son of the Lord
706 Boy Birsha An evil; a son who beholds
707 Boy Bishlam in peace
708 Boy Blain Little yellow one
709 Boy Blaine Lean or Thin
710 Boy Blair Man of Flatlands
711 Boy Blaize Talks with a lisp
712 Boy Blake Fair Complexioned
713 Boy Blase Greek babbler
714 Boy Bliss Joy happiness
715 Boy Blythe Cheerful happy
716 Boy Boanerges Son of thunder
717 Boy Boaz Swift, strong
718 Boy Bob Famous
719 Boy Bobbi Famous
720 Boy Bobby Famous
721 Boy Bonaventure Latin good luck
722 Boy Bond Farmer
723 Boy Boniface Good destiny/fate
724 Boy Boris Fighter warrior
725 Boy Bowen Son of Owen
726 Boy Brad A Short Form Of Bradford Or Bradley
727 Boy Braden Broad Valley
728 Boy Bradford Broad ford
729 Boy Bradley Broad Meadow.
730 Boy Bradon Broad Hill
731 Boy Bradshaw Broad Forest
732 Boy Brady Large-chested
733 Boy Bradyn A Form Of Braden
734 Boy Braeden Salmon
735 Boy Braiden Salmon
736 Boy Braidy Large-chested
737 Boy Bram Father
738 Boy Bran Broom-covered hill
739 Boy Brandan A Form Of Brandon
740 Boy Brandan-brendan-brendon Traveller
741 Boy Brandan;brendan;brendon Traveller
742 Boy Branden Beacon Valley
743 Boy Brandin A Form Of Branden
744 Boy Brandon Beacon Hill
745 Boy Brandyn A Form Of Brandon
746 Boy Brannon Broom-covered hill
747 Boy Branson Son Of Brandon
748 Boy Brant Proud
749 Boy Brantley A Form Of Brant
750 Boy Brantly A Form Of Brant
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