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Christian Boys Baby Names

Choose Christian Boys Names from our unique and huge collection of Christian Baby Names. Our categorized list of Christian names helps you to find the delightful name for your baby boy. Also find Christian Baby Boys Names by alphabets and other categories from our easy filtering option.

Christian Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderChristian Baby NameMeaning
601 Boy Barton Barley Farm Or Bart's Town. The Epon..
602 Boy Baruch Blessed
603 Boy Baruka blessed
604 Boy Barzillai Son of contempt; made of iron
605 Boy Bas King
606 Boy Basel Brave
607 Boy Bashan in the tooth; in ivory
608 Boy Basil King-like
609 Boy Bassett Little short/low one
610 Boy Bastian From Sebaste
611 Boy Bathsheba daughter of the oath
612 Boy Baxter Female baker
613 Boy Bayard Reddish brown
614 Boy Baz King
615 Boy Bealiah The god of an idol; in an assembly
616 Boy Beau Handsome
617 Boy Beaumont Beautiful mountain
618 Boy Beauregard Beautiful aspect
619 Boy Beavis Shining one
620 Boy Bechorath First fruits.
621 Boy Beck Dweller near the brook
622 Boy Becket From St. Thomas à Becket Becket
623 Boy Beckett Bee cottage
624 Boy Bedaiah The only Lord
625 Boy Bedan According to judgment
626 Boy Bede Old English prayer
627 Boy Bedeiah The only Lord
628 Boy Bedivere Described as being one-handed he was still an exce
629 Boy Beeliada An open idol.
630 Boy Beelzebub The devil; fallen angel
631 Boy Beer a well
632 Boy Beera A well, declaring.
633 Boy Belial Wicked; worthless
634 Boy Belshazzar Master of the treasure
635 Boy Belteshazzar Who lays up treasures in secret
636 Boy Ben A son
637 Boy Ben-ami son of my people
638 Boy Ben-ammi Son of my people
639 Boy Ben-oni son of my sorrow, Bible Ref.:  Genesis 35:17-19, s
640 Boy Ben-tziyon son of Zion
641 Boy Benaiah a form of Benjamin; son of my right hand
642 Boy Bene-jaakan Sons of sorrow
643 Boy Beneberak Sons of lightning
644 Boy Benedict Blessed
645 Boy Benet Blessed
646 Boy Benhadad Son of Hadad; or noise
647 Boy Benhail Son of strength
648 Boy Benhanan Son of grace
649 Boy Beni son of my right hand
650 Boy Benicio Benevolent one.
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