Numerology of Osmund Name

What is the Numerology of Osmund name?
Subtotal(8+6) =14
Subtotal(1+4) =5
Your lucky number is5
General Traits: People who have their lucky number as 5 generally are in search for freedom. Osmund with lucky number 5 doesn't like to be bounded by others. Osmund has an open mind for matters of romance and love. Curiosity and contradiction mark Osmund's character.
Strong points: Osmund is very quick in mind as well as action, thus exciting people around. Osmund has the talent to be a TV program producer. Versatility is what rules this number.
Weak points: Osmund's love for pleasure is often considered as trivial and untrustworthy. Osmund has a changeable temper that gives rise to Osmund being flatulent and very demanding. In daily life, Osmund happens to be extremely picky and depressed too.
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