Numerology of Leonard Name

What is the Numerology of Leonard name?
Subtotal(6+9) =15
Subtotal(1+5) =6
Your lucky number is6
General Traits: Lucky number 6 makes Leonard very sentimental. Leonard often contributes big time when in a relationship. Leonard is responsible and believe in helping people whole-heartedly. Leonard is always willing to listen to friends' problems and helping them whenever the need be.
Strong points: Leonard can do anything to express love for family. Responsibility, kindness, selflessness, empathy, and loyalty are the wonderful qualities of Leonard. Leonard can handle everything with perfection and is very trustworthy.
Weak points: Leonard can be a little arrogant and short-tempered. This is because Leonard tends to pursue fairness, but most of the time in a superficial way rather than judging the need of it. Also, Leonard happens to be snoopy, picky and gossipy.
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