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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Thought'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Abhidya Of thought, wish, longing
2 Girl Achintya Beyond thought
3 Boy Acintya Surpassing thought, incogitable
4 Boy Akil Intelligent, thoughtful, one who uses reason
5 Boy Akil The wanderer, intelligent, thoughtful, one who use
6 Boy Anubodha After thought, recollection
7 Boy Anusheelan Contemplation, thought
8 Girl Bavagna The thought
9 Boy Cetaka Thoughtful
10 Boy Chindhanai Intelligence, thought
11 Boy Chindhanai Intelligence, thought
12 Girl Chinta Thought
13 Boy Chintan Thought, meditation
14 Boy Chintan Thought, meditation
15 Boy Chintan Thought, meditation
16 Boy Chintana Thought
17 Boy Chinthanaichelvan Intelligent, thoughtful
18 Boy Chinthanaichelvan Intelligent, thoughtful
19 Boy Chintya Worthy of thought
20 Boy Chintya Worthy of thought
21 Boy Chitan Thought
22 Girl Chittarupa One who is in thought-state
23 Boy Cidatmata Consisting of pure thought
24 Boy Cidullasa Thought that radiate, wise
25 Boy Cintamari Gem of thought, gem that fulfils desires
26 Boy Cintan Thought, perception, meditation
27 Boy Cintya Worthy of thought
28 Boy Citta Thought, mind, intellect
29 Girl Dhithi Thought, idea
30 Boy Dhitik Wise, thoughtful, a buddhistpatriachal saint
31 Girl Dhitika Thoughtful, wise
32 Boy Dhitika Thoughtful, wise
33 Girl Dhyati Thought of, meditated on
34 Girl Ditika Thoughtful
35 Girl Ditika Thoughtful
36 Girl Ditikshaa Thoughtful
37 Boy Gambhira Considerate, thoughtful
38 Boy Kalp Thought
39 Boy Kalpit Imaginative, thought
40 Boy Khayaal Thought
41 Boy Khyal Thought
42 Boy Kowsik Thought full person
43 Boy Kowsik Thought full person
44 Boy Maanveer Brave minded, one with brave thoughts
45 Boy Manaan Thought, reflection
46 Boy Manan Thought, thinking, repetition
47 Boy Manana Thought, reflection
48 Boy Manana Thought, reflection
49 Boy Mannan Thought
50 Boy Mantavya Thought
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