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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Success'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Abhinit Acted, actor, completed successfully
2 Boy Adelik Successful, full of concentration
3 Girl Adelika Successful,
4 Boy Agnira Intelligent, brilliant, successful person who stud
5 Boy Akansh Highly successful
6 Boy Aksunna Unvonquered, successful
7 Boy Asadel Successful, most prosperous one
8 Boy Atishay Successful, bright
9 Boy Ayati The unsuccessful transcendentalist
10 Girl Barikha Bloom or be successful
11 Girl Bijijayalaxmi Conquest,success
12 Girl Bijijayasree Conquest,success
13 Boy Bijoyanada Success in every where
14 Boy Charat On the way to victory, success
15 Boy Dhairyash Patience and success
16 Boy Dhairyash Patience and success
17 Girl Dhanyata Success, fulfilment
18 Girl Dhanyata Success, fulfilment
19 Girl Dhanyta Success, fulfilment, money and good luck
20 Girl Dharani Earth, success
21 Boy Dheerana Infinity in success
22 Boy Dinoop Successful man
23 Girl Dvaarakaesvari Wealthy, successful
24 Boy Edward Successful leader
25 Girl Faizah Victorious, winner, obtaining, successful
26 Boy Falah Success, progress
27 Girl Faraza Success, height
28 Boy Fatehchand Success
29 Girl Fauzia Victorious. triumphant. successful
30 Boy Fawaz Successful
31 Boy Fawaz Always successful, prosperous, the successful one
32 Girl Fawiza Successful
33 Girl Fawiza Successful
34 Boy Fawwaz Successful
35 Boy Fawwaz Successful
36 Boy Fawzi Successful, triumph
37 Girl Fawziya Successful, victorious
38 Girl Fawziya Successful, victorious
39 Girl Fawziyah Successful
40 Girl Fawziyyah-fawziya- Successful, victorious
41 Boy Feroz Name of a king, winner, successful
42 Boy Feroz Name of a king, winner, successful
43 Boy Feroz Name of a king, winner, successful, a classy stone
44 Boy Firuz Successful, victorious
45 Girl Foziah Successful
46 Boy Ghanem Successful
47 Boy Jayakanthan Success
48 Girl Jayalaksmi Goddess lakshmi representing success
49 Girl Jayalaksmi;jayalaxmi Goddess lakshmi representing success
50 Girl Jayalaxmi Goddess lakshmi representing success
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