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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Soul'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aasmi I am soul
2 Boy Aathmik Soul
3 Girl Aathmika Related to aatma, soul
4 Boy Aathmika Related to aathma or soul
5 Girl Aathmika Related to aathma or soul
6 Boy Aatma Soul, light of the lord
7 Boy Aatma Soul, light of the lord
8 Boy Aatmadeva God of the soul
9 Boy Aatmagupta Joy of soul
10 Boy Aatmanand In the shadow of soul
11 Boy Aatmik Spirit, soul
12 Boy Aatmik Soul
13 Girl Aatmika Aathma, soul
14 Boy Adhyatam Spiritual, soul
15 Boy Adura Not far, omnipresent, soul
16 Boy Agnihamsa The soul
17 Boy Ajitatman One whose soul never be conquered, pious, pure
18 Boy Akhilatman Universal soul of brahman
19 Boy Aksa Soul
20 Girl Aksa Soul
21 Girl Alma Soul, with dark red lips, nourishing soul, all goo
22 Boy Amritasa Whose soul is immortal, lord vishnu
23 Boy Anandatam Enjoying the bliss of soul
24 Girl Anima The power of becoming minute, soul, anger, courage
25 Boy Antara Related, intimate, soul, heart
26 Boy Antara Related, intimate, soul, heart
27 Girl Arima Soul
28 Girl Asmi I am soul
29 Boy Atama Self, soul
30 Boy Atama Self, soul
31 Boy Atamdhian Absorbed in the soul
32 Boy Atamendra Bliss of soul
33 Boy Atamgat Liberated soul
34 Boy Atamgeet Blissful song of the soul
35 Boy Atamjyot The light, of the soul
36 Boy Atamlok Dwelling in the soul
37 Boy Atamnivas One who dwells in the soul
38 Boy Atamraman One who cherishes the soul
39 Boy Atamsukh Enjoying the bliss of soul
40 Boy Atamteerath For whom soul is the holy place
41 Boy Atamvichaar Reflecting on the soul
42 Boy Atasa Not gross, air, the soul
43 Boy Atma Soul
44 Boy Atma Soul
45 Boy Atmajyoti Light of soul
46 Boy Atmanand;atmananda Blissful soul
47 Boy Atmanand;atmananda Blissful soul
48 Boy Atmananda Bliss of soul
49 Boy Atmaram Soul, spirit
50 Boy Atmik Relating to the soul
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