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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Simple'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Adavak Simple, uncomplicated
2 Girl Akutila Simple
3 Girl Diksheeka Very silent, simple
4 Boy Elilchelvan A simple good looking man, handsome
5 Girl Karthiga Simple
6 Boy Nadaan Very simple
7 Girl Nadhiya Simple, soft
8 Boy Nagu Simple and gentle
9 Girl Navaya Simplest
10 Girl Navaya Simplest
11 Boy Niranjan Simple, name of a river, the night of the full moo
12 Boy Nirban Simple, emancipated from the world
13 Boy Nirgranth Simple behaviour
14 Girl Paka Dye, paint, simple, ignorant, young, child
15 Boy Pranjal Delightful, simple
16 Boy Pranjal Simple, straightforward
17 Boy Pranjal Delightful, simple
18 Girl Pranjal Honest, soft, simple, dignified, lord of life, hol
19 Boy Pranjal Simple, straightforward
20 Girl Pranjali Honest and soft, dignified, simple
21 Boy Rajju A star, simple, plain
22 Boy Rujul Simple, honest
23 Boy Rujul Simple, honest
24 Girl Sahaja Spontaneous, natural, simple, or easy
25 Boy Saral Straight, simple
26 Boy Saral Simple
27 Girl Sarala Fluent, straight, honest, simple, simple, black tu
28 Girl Sarala Straight, honest, simple, straight forward
29 Boy Saralbir Brave and simple
30 Girl Saranyadevi Truth, simple
31 Girl Saranyakumari Simple, honest
32 Boy Saras Simple, a bird, lake, moon, pond
33 Boy Saresh Simple
34 Boy Selva Wealth, simple of joy
35 Girl Simar Simple, awesome, recitation of god's words
36 Girl Sulabha Simple, easily available
37 Boy Tapomool Morally strict, simple
38 Boy Vinamra Of simple origin
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