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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Salvation'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Abishua Father of salvation
2 Girl Akshayamathi Super intelligence, divyagyana, eternal salvation
3 Girl Elisha Salvation of god
4 Boy Elishua God is my salvation.
5 Boy Esa God is salvation, desirable, prophet, another name
6 Girl Esa God is salvation, wish desire
7 Boy Esaias The salvation of the lord
8 Girl Gayathri An precious angel, the chant of salvation, goddess
9 Girl Gayatri Singer, mantra, the chant of salvation, goddess du
10 Boy Giosia God is my salvation (joshua)
11 Boy Hosea Salvation
12 Boy Hosheya Salvation
13 Girl Ikia God is my salvation
14 Boy Isa God is my salvation
15 Girl Isa God's promise, laughter, salvation of god, the lor
16 Boy Isaiah God is my salvation, the lord helps me, the salvat
17 Boy Isaiah Salvation by god
18 Boy Isaias God is my salvation
19 Boy Ishi Salvation.
20 Girl Ishi Salvation
21 Boy Issaimaran Salvation by god
22 Boy Izaiah God is my salvation
23 Boy Jaison Healer, the lord is salvation
24 Boy Jashua God is my salvation
25 Boy Jason Healer, the lord is salvation, mythical leader, he
26 Boy Jason-jay Yah(weh) is salvation (greek form of joshua)
27 Boy Jay Blue jay, he who supplants, the lord is salvation,
28 Boy Jayson A healer, a healing, the lord is salvation, to hea
29 Boy Jesaiah Health, or salvation, of the lord
30 Boy Jeshua God is my salvation
31 Boy Josh Happiness, form of joshua, jehovah is salvation
32 Boy Josh Jehovah is salvation
33 Boy Joshawa God is salvation
34 Girl Joshna Jehovah is salvation
35 Boy Joshua Yahweh is salvation
36 Boy Joshua Jehovah saves, the lord is salvation, yahweh, funn
37 Boy Joshua God is my salvation
38 Boy Joshue God is my salvation
39 Boy Mansh Salvation
40 Boy Mesha Burden, salvation.
41 Girl Mesha Burden, salvation
42 Boy Meshezaheel God taking away, the salvation of god
43 Boy Mokksh Salvation
44 Boy Moksa Salvation
45 Boy Moksh Salvation
46 Boy Moksh Salvation
47 Girl Moksha Salvation
48 Girl Moksha Salvation
49 Girl Moksham Salvation
50 Boy Mokshha Salvation
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