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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Rose'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Abeera The mixture of the smell of the petals of rose and
2 Girl Abeerah Rose, sandal saffron mixed together in a fragrance
3 Girl Cole Prince of red roses
4 Boy Cole Prince of red roses
5 Boy Darshil Lord krishna, beautiful looking, rose
6 Girl Eglantine Wild rose
7 Girl Filza Light, rose from heaven
8 Girl Golab Rose water
9 Girl Golap Rose
10 Girl Goli Round shaped, tablet, rose coloured, rosy
11 Boy Goolab Rose
12 Girl Gul Flower, rose, bouquet
13 Girl Gulaab Rose, flower
14 Boy Gulab Rose, flower
15 Girl Gulab Rose, beloved's tears
16 Boy Gulab Rose
17 Girl Gulab Rose
18 Girl Gulab Rose
19 Girl Gulabi Colour name, rose-coloured
20 Boy Gulabrai Rose, flower, similar to gulab
21 Boy Gulbagh Rose garden, paradise
22 Boy Guldeep Rose lamp
23 Girl Gulerana Sweet smelling rose
24 Boy Gulfam Flower's colour, rose faced
25 Boy Gulshan Garden of flowers, rose garden
26 Boy Gulshanbir Brave in the rose garden
27 Boy Gulshandeep Lamp of the rose garden
28 Boy Gulshanjeet Victory of the rose garden
29 Boy Gulshanjot Light of the rose garden
30 Boy Gulshanmeet Friendly with the rose garden
31 Boy Gulshanpreet Love of the rose garden
32 Boy Gulshanroop Embodiment of the rose garden
33 Boy Gulzar A garden with flowers, rose garden, an inhabited t
34 Girl Gunabakhiyam A rose
35 Girl Gunalakshmi Rose, lakshmi the virtuous
36 Girl Hong Flower rose
37 Girl Imrose First rose
38 Girl Kaalika Rosebud
39 Girl Kaalimdi Rosebud
40 Girl Kaksha White rose
41 Girl Kaksha White flower, white rose
42 Girl Kopal A rose bud, gulab ki kali, new born leave of a tre
43 Girl Kunisha Rosebud, hushed
44 Girl Laksha White coloured rose
45 Girl Laksha Aim, white rose
46 Girl Laksha Aim, ambition, white rose
47 Girl Loshana Combination of rose and anna
48 Girl Mysticah Secret rose
49 Girl Pankhuri Petal of a flower, leaf of rose
50 Girl Pinki Like a rose
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