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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Prosperous'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aamir Populous, full, prosperous
2 Boy Aamir Full, prosperous, amply settled, civilised
3 Girl Aamyra Prosperous
4 Boy Abhyuday Sunrise, prosperous, happiness
5 Boy Abhyudaya Sunrise, prosperous, happiness
6 Girl Abhyudita Prosperous, risen, elevated
7 Girl Ada Prosperous, happy
8 Girl Ada Prosperous, happy
9 Girl Ada Prosperous, happy
10 Girl Ada Prosperous, happy
11 Boy Aintik Prosperous
12 Girl Aisha Living, prosperous, lively, woman, life, she is li
13 Girl Aisiri Prosperous, wealth
14 Girl Amira Princess, high-born girl, speech, prosperous, tree
15 Boy Anapaya Without obstacle, prosperous, lord shiva
16 Boy Anbucheliyan Kind and prosperous
17 Boy Anbuselvan Kind and prosperous, kind, king of love
18 Boy Asadel Successful, most prosperous one
19 Girl Bhadra Blessed, prosperous, fortunate
20 Girl Bhadra Gentle, blessed, prosperous, fortunate
21 Boy Cheliyan Prosperous, rich, resourceful, pron chezhiyan, ric
22 Boy Cheliyan Rich, resourceful, prosperous
23 Boy Cheliyan Rich, resourceful, prosperous
24 Boy Chezhian Prosperous
25 Boy Edric Prosperous ruler
26 Boy Eshar Blessed, prosperous
27 Boy Fawaz Always successful, prosperous, the successful one
28 Boy Felix Happy, prosperous
29 Girl Ida Prosperous
30 Girl Ida Prosperous, happy, work, labour, woman, thirst, go
31 Girl Idaline Prosperous, happy, hardworking, working noble idel
32 Boy Karuvalan Prosperous, resourceful
33 Boy Karuvalan Dark-colored prosperous, resourceful
34 Girl Kaveri Name of river in india, prosperous, the river kave
35 Boy Khushhal Ones with happiness, prosperous
36 Boy Khushjot Prosperous light
37 Girl Krishita Powerful, light, saintly woman, prosperous
38 Girl Ksheerja Prosperous
39 Girl Kshemaa A prosperous woman
40 Boy Laisha Prosperous
41 Boy Lakshman Prosperous, younger brother of rama
42 Boy Lakshmibalan Prosperous, brother of rama
43 Boy Maari Prosperous, goddess of rain, rain, rain, prosperou
44 Boy Maarimuthu Prosperous
45 Boy Maarisami Prosperous, god of rain
46 Boy Maavalan Prosperous
47 Boy Maavalan Prosperous
48 Boy Meraan Prosperous
49 Boy Meransh Prosperous
50 Girl Miree Wonderful, peace, prosperous
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