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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Prince'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aahil Prince
2 Boy Aahil Prince
3 Boy Aahil Prince
4 Girl Aakuti Princess
5 Girl Aarya Princess, goddess parvati / durga
6 Boy Adjovi Prince
7 Boy Ahasuerus Prince, head, chief
8 Boy Ahil Prince, emperor, ruler
9 Boy Ahishar Brother of a prince, brother of a song
10 Girl Akuti Princess
11 Boy Almeer Prince
12 Boy Almir Prince
13 Girl Almira Princess, truthful, aristocratic lady, basket for
14 Boy Amarsa Anger, passion, a prince
15 Girl Amarthi Princess of ejipura, an ancient land situated at b
16 Girl Amayra Princess
17 Girl Amayrah Princess
18 Girl Amayrra Princess
19 Boy Ameer Prince
20 Boy Ameer Ruler, prince, superior, chief, commander, rich
21 Girl Ameera Princess. rich woman. leader. also a: well populat
22 Girl Ameera Leader, princess, rich woman, similar to amira, we
23 Girl Ameera Leader, princess
24 Girl Amerah Princess
25 Girl Amiera Princess
26 Boy Amir Prince
27 Boy Amir-ameer Prince
28 Girl Amira Princess
29 Girl Amira Princess, high-born girl, speech, prosperous, tree
30 Girl Amira Princess
31 Girl Amra Princess
32 Girl Amulya Priceless, invaluable, princess
33 Girl Amyra Princess
34 Girl Amyrah Princess
35 Boy Andy Brave, manly. famous bearer: prince andrew
36 Girl Anoha Princess
37 Boy Archelaus The prince of the people
38 Boy Archibald Bold prince
39 Boy Archibald Bold prince
40 Boy Aristarchus The best prince
41 Boy Arjun Confidence and power, pandava prince, bright, peac
42 Girl Arsheen Princess of sky, a beautiful soft hearted and kind
43 Boy Arsheeth Princess of sky, a beautiful soft hearted and kind
44 Boy Aryakumara Noble prince
45 Boy Aryanmadhu Other name of the prince
46 Boy Ashfaq Noble prince
47 Boy Ashfaque Noble prince
48 Girl Avanthika Princess of ujjain
49 Girl Avanthika Princess of ujjain
50 Girl Avantika Princess of ujjain
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