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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Pretty'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Abinaya God, pretty girl, lovely, sweet
2 Girl Alishba Pretty
3 Girl Anish Pretty of love
4 Girl Annel Pretty
5 Girl Anushra Most pretty
6 Girl Anushree Pretty
7 Girl Anushri Pretty
8 Girl Anushri Pretty
9 Girl Anushri Pretty, goddess laxmi
10 Girl Anusree Pretty
11 Boy Anusree Pretty
12 Girl Anusree Pretty
13 Girl Anusri Pretty
14 Girl Ayaana Pretty flower
15 Girl Balavikarnika A river, apretty woman
16 Girl Bandhura Pretty
17 Boy Beau Handsome, pretty, beautiful gaze
18 Girl Belinda Pretty
19 Girl Breonna Just pretty
20 Girl Breonna Just pretty
21 Girl Breonna Just pretty
22 Girl Breonna Just pretty
23 Girl Charubala A pretty girl
24 Girl Charuroopa Extremely pretty
25 Girl Damayanti Lotus flower, pretty dove
26 Girl Fayona Beautiful, pretty.
27 Girl Fiona Pretty
28 Girl Gaurika Pretty young girl
29 Girl Gaveshanaa Pretty young girl
30 Girl Ghanishta Pretty girl, beautiful woman, beauty
31 Girl Ghaniyah Pretty girl, beautiful woman, beauty
32 Girl Ghaniyah Pretty girl, beautiful woman, beauty
33 Girl Gwenith Wonderful, pretty*
34 Girl Harper Pretty, harp player, maker, harpist, one who plays
35 Girl Hasina Good, cheerful, beautiful, pretty
36 Girl Hasna Laughing, beautiful, pretty
37 Girl Ikshana Sight, pretty
38 Girl Jameela Beautiful, pretty, elegant, graceful, comely
39 Girl Jasnoor Pretty princess
40 Girl Jolie Pretty
41 Girl Kuwaysah Pretty
42 Girl Linda Pretty one
43 Girl Linda Pretty
44 Girl Linda Pretty
45 Girl Linda Pretty
46 Girl Lindi Pretty
47 Girl Lona Beauty, pretty
48 Girl Lona Beauty, pretty
49 Boy Loveish Pretty, delicate, nice
50 Girl Lovely Pretty, delicate, nice
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