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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Or o'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aadhikesavan One who is ideal for others
2 Boy Aadityapal Protector of the sun
3 Girl Aaidah Narrator of hadith
4 Girl Aanandita Purveyor of joy
5 Girl Aanandita Purveyor of joy
6 Boy Abdus Name of the narrator of one of the hadith
7 Girl Abeedah Worshipper, narrator of hadith, daughter of nabil
8 Boy Abinadab Father of a vow, or of willingness
9 Boy Abital The father of the dew, or of the shadow
10 Boy Abyad Narrator of hadith
11 Boy Adhyaksh One who controls or organize something
12 Boy Adhyatman The superior or supreme self
13 Boy Adinarayana Lord vishnu, the first protector of beings
14 Boy Aditpal Protector of the sun
15 Girl Adrija Mountain born, born in or on the mountai
16 Girl Adrijaa Mountain born, born in or on the mountai
17 Boy Advitya Synonym of sun or one which has no end
18 Girl Agrasen Great warrior of an arma
19 Boy Ahihud Brother of vanity, or of darkness, or of joy, or o
20 Boy Ahiram Brother of craft or of protection
21 Boy Ahlab Made of milk or of fat, brother of the heart
22 Boy Ahnaf Narrator of hadith
23 Boy Ajakara Protector of cattle, the bull of shiva
24 Boy Ajanidha Treasure or ocean of instigation
25 Boy Ajathashatru A man without any enemy or opponent
26 Girl Ajeebah Narrator of hadith, she was the daughter of muhamm
27 Boy Ajitapala Protector of the invincible
28 Boy Ajlah Bald, hairless, narrator of hadith, ibn abdullah t
29 Boy Akhas A narrator of hadith, excellent, special
30 Boy Akhas A narrator of hadith
31 Boy Akhilpal Protector of all
32 Girl Akshata Rice or offered as a sacred substance during puja
33 Boy Alexander Helper and defender of mankind, protector of manki
34 Girl Amanpal The protector of peace
35 Girl Amanpal The protector of peace
36 Girl Amanpal The protector of peace
37 Girl Amanpreet The protector of peace, one who loves peace
38 Boy Amareyja Preceptor of the gods
39 Boy Ambupa Protector of water
40 Boy Anakin Hidden, obvious, whether hidden or obvious
41 Boy Analajit Conqueror of fire, blameless, pure
42 Boy Anangpal Protector of cupid
43 Boy Anantajeet The victor of infinity, lord vishnu
44 Boy Anaranya Possessor of eternal power
45 Boy Anbucelvan Emperor of love
46 Girl Annikaa Favor or grace
47 Girl Anuskha Favor or grace
48 Boy Arbinderpaul Protector of the lotus
49 Boy Arijeet Conqueror of enemies
50 Boy Arshgun Warrior of sky
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