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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Noble'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aaira Noble, respectful, respected, honourable.
2 Girl Aairah Noble, respectful, respected, honourable.
3 Girl Aalesha Noble kind, of the noble sort
4 Girl Aalina Noble
5 Girl Aalisha Noble kind, of the noble sort
6 Girl Aardra Noble
7 Girl Aarihi Of noble kind
8 Girl Aarvya Noble
9 Girl Aaryaa Noble
10 Girl Aaryaa A noble lady
11 Girl Aaryama Noble-minded, aristocratic, sun
12 Boy Aaryamaan Noble-minded, aristocratic, sun
13 Boy Aaryan Illustrious, noble, spiritual, ancient,
14 Boy Aaryan;aryan Illustrious, noble, spiritual
15 Boy Aaryan;aryan Illustrious, noble, spiritual
16 Boy Aaryansh Illustrious, noble, spiritual, ancient,
17 Boy Aaryash Noble
18 Boy Aaryav Noble person
19 Boy Aaryav Noble person
20 Boy Aaryik Noble
21 Boy Abdul-karim Servant of the noble, generous one
22 Boy Abhijana Of noble descent, ornament of the family
23 Boy Abhijat Noble, wise
24 Boy Acel Noble at birth
25 Boy Acelet Noble at birth
26 Boy Acelin Little noble one
27 Girl Ada Noble, kind, nobility, the oldest daughter, happy,
28 Girl Adalia Just, noble one
29 Girl Adara Virgin, beauty, fire, noble
30 Boy Aday Noble, honorable
31 Boy Addhyansh Noble, honorable
32 Girl Addie Noble kind, of the noble sort
33 Boy Adeena Noble, gentle, delicate
34 Girl Adel Noble, nobility, justice
35 Boy Adel Righteous, upright, sincere, justice, noble, equal
36 Girl Adela Nobility, noble kind, softer, small winged one
37 Girl Adelaide Noble, of good cheer
38 Girl Adelaide Noble, of good cheer
39 Girl Adele Noble
40 Girl Adeline Noble
41 Girl Adelle Noble, form of adelaide, noble and of kind spirit
42 Boy Adie Noble, kind, adornment, jewel
43 Girl Adilene Noble one
44 Boy Adina Noble minded
45 Boy Adlin Noble
46 Boy Adney Noble's island
47 Boy Adney The nobles island
48 Boy Adolph Noble wolf
49 Boy Ady Noble kind
50 Girl Aida Visiting, noble, nobility, reward, present, helper
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