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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'L'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aadarshini Idealistic
2 Girl Aaanayana Lord of the universe
3 Boy Aaban Name of the angel
4 Boy Aabavaanan Reliable or responsible
5 Girl Aabha Glow
6 Girl Aabha Light, brightness
7 Girl Aabha Glow, shine, lustrous beauty
8 Boy Aabha Light
9 Boy Aabhaas Awareness, reflection
10 Boy Aabharan Jewel
11 Boy Aabharan Jewel
12 Girl Aabharana Jewel
13 Boy Aabhas The sense or feelings
14 Boy Aabhas Realization
15 Boy Aabhavannan Light
16 Boy Aabhay Without fear, fearless
17 Girl Aabirah Fleeting, transitory, ephemeral
18 Girl Aaboli Name of a flower
19 Boy Aacharappan Restless or proactive
20 Boy Aachman Sip of holly water before puja
21 Boy Aachuthan Lord krishna
22 Girl Aadarsh Ideal
23 Boy Aadarsh Ideal
24 Boy Aadarsh Ideal
25 Girl Aadarsha Ideal
26 Girl Aadarshini Idealistic
27 Girl Aadarshini Idealistic
28 Boy Aadeep Light
29 Boy Aadeesh Full of wisdom,intelligent
30 Girl Aadh Half
31 Boy Aadhar Base, brilliant like the sun
32 Boy Aadharsh Ideal
33 Boy Aadhav Ruler
34 Boy Aadhavan Sun, brilliant like the sun, lord vishnu
35 Boy Aadhavan Brilliant like the sun
36 Boy Aadhesh Angel
37 Boy Aadhikara Lord shiva
38 Boy Aadhikesavan One who is ideal for others
39 Boy Aadhil Honorable judge, one who jugdes fairly
40 Girl Aadhira Lord chandra or moon
41 Girl Aadhira Restless, moon
42 Boy Aadhirai A special star
43 Girl Aadhirai Lord of dance
44 Girl Aadhirai A special star
45 Boy Aadhishankar Sri shankaracharya, founder of adwaitha philosophy
46 Boy Aadideva Highest god, the first god for prayer, the lord ga
47 Boy Aadil Honourable
48 Girl Aadilakshmi Goddess laxmi
49 Boy Aadinath God, supreme ruler of the universe, the first god
50 Boy Aadinath God, supreme ruler of the universe, the first god
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