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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Just'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aadil Justice, upright, sincere
2 Girl Abinithi My father morality, justice
3 Girl Adalia Just, noble one
4 Boy Adeel Judge, honest, just
5 Girl Adel Noble, nobility, justice
6 Boy Adel Just
7 Boy Adel Righteous, upright, sincere, justice, noble, equal
8 Boy Adil Just, honest
9 Boy Adil Sincere, just, fair, judicious, honest, righteous,
10 Girl Adila Equal, just, upright
11 Girl Adilah Equal, just, honest
12 Boy Adlai God is just
13 Boy Adley The just
14 Boy Adley The just
15 Boy Adli Just, wise
16 Boy Adoni-zedek Justice of the lord. lord of justice. adoni-zedec
17 Boy Arasumani Bello of justice, held by the great king manuneeth
18 Boy Arham Rhe word is just like om for jain community, mercy
19 Boy Avidan God is just
20 Girl Breonna Just pretty
21 Girl Breonna Just pretty
22 Girl Breonna Just pretty
23 Girl Breonna Just pretty
24 Boy Dharmadeva God of justice
25 Girl Dinah Avenged or judged and vindicated, justified, decor
26 Girl Dinisha Just welcome
27 Girl Ekamdeep Light of two persons in just one baby
28 Girl Ekamdeep Light of two persons in just one baby
29 Girl Evi Unjust
30 Boy Hirudyi Just for love
31 Boy Inshaf Equity, justice
32 Boy Inshaf Equity, justice
33 Boy Jehozadak Justice of the lord.
34 Girl Jocelynjoyce Just
35 Boy Justice Equity justice
36 Boy Justin Just, true
37 Boy Justin Good think, clever, just, upright, righteous, true
38 Girl Justine Just, true
39 Boy Juston Righteous, justify
40 Boy Justus Just or upright.
41 Boy Justy Fair just
42 Girl Justyna Justice, honest, fair, rightful according to a ger
43 Boy Kasim Just, divided
44 Boy Melchizedek King of justice.
45 Boy Naathim Arranger, adjuster
46 Boy Naathim Arranger, adjuster
47 Boy Naved Reward, justice
48 Boy Nazim Emperor, poet, arranger, organizer, adjuster
49 Boy Nazim-nazeem Arranger, adjuster
50 Girl Neethi Justice, truth, always says truth
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