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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Invincible'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Adhrsya Unassailable, invincible, proud
2 Girl Adhrysa Invincible
3 Girl Aindrita Invincible
4 Boy Ajai Invincible
5 Boy Ajaideep Invincible lamp
6 Boy Ajaimeet Invincible friend
7 Boy Ajaipreet Invincible love
8 Boy Ajairoop Invincible shape
9 Boy Ajay Unconquerable, invincible
10 Girl Ajaypal Invincible, unconquerable
11 Boy Ajeet Victorious, invincible, unconquerable
12 Boy Ajeet Invincible, unconquerable
13 Girl Ajeeta Invincible, unconquerable
14 Boy Ajeetbir Invincible brave
15 Boy Ajeetdev Invincible lord
16 Boy Ajeetpal Invincible fosterer
17 Boy Ajeetpreet Invincible love
18 Boy Ajeetwant Invincible and mighty
19 Boy Ajinderpal Invincible fosterer
20 Boy Ajinkya Invincible
21 Girl Ajinkya Brilliant, invincible
22 Boy Ajinkya Invincible
23 Boy Ajinkya Invincible
24 Boy Ajit Unconquerable, invincible, victorious
25 Girl Ajit Invincible, victorious
26 Boy Ajit Invincible, unconquerable
27 Boy Ajit-ajeet Victorious, invincible, unconquerable
28 Boy Ajit;ajeet Victorious, invincible, unconquerable
29 Girl Ajita Always winning, a winner, invincible, unconquerabl
30 Boy Ajita Invincible, irresistible
31 Boy Ajitaabha Invincible light
32 Boy Ajitapala Protector of the invincible
33 Boy Ajith Invincible
34 Boy Ajitpal One who is invincible or unconquerable
35 Boy Anhu Imperishable, invincible
36 Boy Aparesh God shiva blessed, god shiva's invincible worship
37 Boy Avijit Invincible
38 Boy Durja The invincible
39 Boy Durja The invincible
40 Boy Gafur Invincible
41 Boy Kuruvilla Unconquerable, invincible
42 Girl Kuruvilla Unconquerable, invincible
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