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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Intelligent'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aadeesh Full of wisdom,intelligent
2 Boy Aadish Full of wisdom,intelligent
3 Boy Aadish Full of wisdom, intelligent
4 Boy Aakil Intelligent, smart
5 Boy Aanand Joy, intelligent, happiness, delightful, blissful,
6 Boy Aaqil Intelligent
7 Boy Aaqil Intelligent
8 Girl Aaqilah Intelligent
9 Girl Aarit Respectable man, intelligent
10 Boy Aariz Respectable man, intelligent, leader of the nation
11 Boy Aariz Respectable man, intelligent
12 Boy Aariz Respectable man, intelligent
13 Boy Abhigyan Most intelligent, recollection
14 Boy Abhihava Most intelligent
15 Boy Abi-albon Most intelligent father
16 Boy Adhit Scholarly, intelligent, wise
17 Boy Agam Extending far, profound, unimaginable, intelligent
18 Girl Agam Intelligent
19 Boy Agamadhi Intelligent
20 Boy Agamadhi Intelligent
21 Girl Agathiyan Intelligent, brilliant
22 Boy Agavoli Intelligent
23 Boy Agavoli Intelligent, brilliant
24 Boy Agnira Intelligent, brilliant, successful person who stud
25 Boy Ajisth Very intelligent
26 Boy Akhil Complete, tree, naughty, intelligent, god, world
27 Boy Akil Sweet smell, fire, the wanderer, intelligent, thou
28 Boy Akil Intelligent, thoughtful, one who uses reason
29 Boy Akil The wanderer, intelligent, thoughtful, one who use
30 Girl Akila Intelligent, complete, total
31 Girl Akila Intelligent
32 Girl Akilah Intelligent, logical, one who reasons
33 Girl Akilah Intelligent, logical, intelligent one who reasons
34 Boy Akilan Intelligent, logical
35 Girl Alamela Extremely intelligent
36 Boy Alokendra Victorious, intelligent
37 Boy Alokendra Victorious, intelligent
38 Girl Amshumati Intelligent, river yamuna
39 Boy Amura Wise, intelligent, sharpsighted
40 Boy Anasuri Not unwise, active, alert, intelligent
41 Boy Anbumadhi Kind and intelligent
42 Boy Anbumadi Kind and intelligent
43 Girl Anura Intelligent
44 Girl Aqilah Intelligent woman
45 Girl Aqilah Intelligent woman
46 Girl Aqilahapurva Intelligent woman
47 Boy Arfan Intelligent, gratitude
48 Girl Ariba Skillful, intelligent
49 Boy Arivaali Intelligent, smart
50 Boy Arivalagan Intelligent and handsome
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