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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Ice'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
151 Girl Fadwah Self-sacrifice
152 Boy Faizan Beneficence, generosity, abundance, benefit
153 Boy Faruq Divider between vice and virtue, one who distingui
154 Boy Fayzan Beneficence
155 Boy Ferrica Best choice
156 Boy Fida Redemption, sacrifice
157 Boy Fida Sacrifice
158 Boy Fidaa Redemption, sacrifice
159 Boy Fidaa Sacrifice, ransom, redemption
160 Boy Gail Father in rejoice
161 Girl Ganeve Priceless wealth
162 Girl Ganeve Priceless wealth
163 Boy Gayle Father in rejoice
164 Boy Geethik Sweet voice
165 Girl Gili My joy, rejoice
166 Boy Giloh He that rejoices, he that overturns
167 Girl Gomya Nice and graceful
168 Girl Guhika Voice of birds
169 Girl Guhika Voice of a bird
170 Boy Gurbalihar Sacrifice unto guru
171 Boy Gurjind Nice, dearer of guru
172 Boy Gurkurbaan One who is a sacrifice unto guru
173 Boy Gursevak In the service of guru
174 Boy Gurubachan The voice of the guru
175 Boy Gurubachan The voice of the guru
176 Boy Gurubachan The voice of the guru
177 Boy Hashim Magnificent, destroys evil, force for good, genero
178 Boy Havana Calling, invocation, the sacrifice
179 Girl Hedia Voice of the lord
180 Boy Heemal Related to ice
181 Boy Hemvat Bright as ice
182 Boy Him Snow, ice, bright
183 Girl Himajwaala Ice
184 Girl Himali Ice
185 Girl Himali Ice
186 Girl Himangi Ice
187 Girl Himangi Ice
188 Boy Himanta End of winter, cold, snow, ice
189 Boy Himesh Cool as ice
190 Girl Himesh Snow, ice, bright
191 Boy Hisham Generous, noble, handsome, beneficence, king of ge
192 Boy Hosho Voice of the dharma
193 Boy Idum Warm, nice
194 Boy Ihsaan Beneficence
195 Boy Ihsaan Beneficence
196 Boy Ihsan Beneficence
197 Boy Ihsan Beneficence, charity, compassion
198 Boy Ihtesham Magnificent
199 Boy Ihtesham Magnificent
200 Boy Iisan Ice
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