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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Ice'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
401 Boy Riyaz Practice
402 Boy Riyaz Practice*
403 Girl Romona Advice, decision + protector
404 Boy Rus Juice, elixir
405 Girl Saadhana Practice, means
406 Girl Saadhanaa Practice, a quest
407 Girl Saanmolli Priceless
408 Boy Sacar Wares, a price.
409 Boy Sadhana Practice
410 Girl Sadhana Long practice/study, fulfilment
411 Girl Sadhana Long practice, study, fulfilment
412 Girl Sadhana-sadhna Worship, long practice/study
413 Girl Sadhana;sadhna Worship, long practice/study
414 Girl Sadhnah Practice
415 Girl Sadhnah Practice
416 Boy Sadhwani Sweet voice
417 Boy Safia Nice, gentle, loving, caring, beautiful, a gift gi
418 Boy Sage Sage (the spice)
419 Girl Sakshi Princess, real, truth, justice, witness
420 Boy Salaj Water which flows from melted ice from mountain
421 Boy Salaj Water which flows from melted ice from mountain
422 Girl Sameenah Valuable, precious, priceless, excellent, expensiv
423 Girl Sandhana Worship, hard practice
424 Girl Sanigdha Gentle, nice
425 Boy Sankeerth To practice
426 Boy Santsev Service of saints
427 Girl Sanya First light of sun, beneficent, fortunate, splendi
428 Boy Sarasta Nice
429 Boy Sarjit Winner of voice
430 Boy Sasvar A beautiful voice
431 Boy Satkeerat Truthful service
432 Boy Satkeerat Truthful service
433 Boy Satkirat Truthful service
434 Boy Satsev Truthful service
435 Girl Satyavaani Voice of truth
436 Girl Satyavani Voice of truth
437 Boy Sayyid Happy, master, chieftain, lord, munificent
438 Girl Selvakumari The pricess of money
439 Boy Seva Absorbed in service and simran
440 Boy Seva Absorbed in service and simran
441 Boy Seva Service, attendance, care
442 Boy Seva Absorbed in service and simran
443 Boy Sevaa Absorbed in service
444 Boy Sevan The embodiment of service
445 Boy Sevya Honourable, to be practiced, to be enjoyed, the as
446 Boy Sewa Absorbed in service
447 Boy Sewa Absorbed in service and simran
448 Boy Sewak One who absorbed in service
449 Boy Sewakaran Doing service
450 Boy Sewakaran Doing service
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