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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Healthy'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aafiyah Healthy,
2 Girl Aarogya Healthy girl
3 Boy Aarogya Healthy girl
4 Boy Amprithu Strong and healthy
5 Boy Anyuna Not defective, healthy, whole
6 Boy Aruj Healthy
7 Girl Aruja Healthy, the daughter of god sun
8 Boy Chanky Healthy, strong
9 Boy Chunkey Strong, healthy
10 Boy Chunky Strong, healthy
11 Girl Dhana Healthy, wealthy
12 Girl Diki Healthy and wealthy
13 Boy Gulu Sweet and healthy
14 Girl Jana Healthy child, yesterday, harvest, god's gift, gif
15 Girl Kalaivalli Strong, healthy
16 Girl Maanvitha Being wealthy, beauty and healthy
17 Girl Maanvitha Beauty and healthy
18 Boy Mintu Strong, healthy, good
19 Boy Nirjvar Healthy
20 Boy Niruj Disease-less, healthy
21 Boy Niruja Disease-less, healthy
22 Girl Pushtee Healthy, possessor of all wealth
23 Girl Saalima Safe, healthy
24 Girl Saalima Safe, healthy
25 Girl Saambavi Safe, healthy
26 Girl Saamraajyam Safe, healthy
27 Girl Saige Wise, healthy.
28 Boy Saleem Healthy, tranquillity, peaceful origin african, so
29 Girl Saleema Safe, healthy, mild
30 Girl Saleema Safe, healthy
31 Girl Saleemah Healthy, sound
32 Girl Salima Happy, safe, healthy, sound
33 Girl Salimah-saleema Peace, flawless, faultless, safe, healthy
34 Girl Tena Follower of christ, anointed, strong, healthy, by
35 Boy Val Power, strong, healthy
36 Boy Val Healthy strong
37 Girl Valen Strong, healthy
38 Girl Vallaree Strong, healthy
39 Girl Vallaree Strong, healthy
40 Girl Yuvna Young, strong, healthy
41 Girl Yuvna Young, strong, healthy
42 Girl Yuvnaa Young, strong, healthy
43 Boy Zaeem Guaranter, rich, healthy, leader, ruler
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