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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Handsome'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aayoush Handsome
2 Boy Abheerup The most handsome and wisest
3 Girl Abhiram Handsome
4 Boy Abhiroop Handsome
5 Girl Abhiroop Handsome, pleasant
6 Boy Abhiroop Handsome
7 Boy Abhirup Very nice, pleasing, handsome
8 Boy Abhirup Pleasing, handsome, charming
9 Boy Abhirupa Pleasing form, handsome, charming, lord shiva and
10 Girl Abhirupi Pleasing, handsome, charming
11 Boy Abiyah Handsome
12 Boy Aden Attractive, handsome
13 Boy Aden Handsome, adorned
14 Boy Ajmal Pious, extremely beautiful, handsome
15 Boy Akarsana Attraction, handsome, charming
16 Boy Alagan Handsome, handsome, pron azhagan, see alagu
17 Boy Alagan Handsome
18 Boy Alaganandan Handsome
19 Boy Alaganban Handsome
20 Boy Alaganban Handsome, see alagan
21 Boy Alagappan Handsome
22 Boy Alagappan Handsome
23 Boy Alagarasan King of beauty, handsome
24 Boy Alagarasan King of beauty, handsome, king of beauty, handsome
25 Boy Alagarasu Handsome king, king of beauty
26 Boy Alagarsami Handsome
27 Boy Alagelil Handsome and elegant, stylish, voguish
28 Boy Alagelil Handsome and elegant
29 Boy Alagen Handsome
30 Boy Alagendhi Handsome
31 Boy Alagendhi Handsome
32 Boy Alagesan Handsome
33 Boy Alaginiyan Handsome and sweet
34 Boy Alagu Beauty, see alagi, handsome, see alagan
35 Boy Alagu Gorgeousness, beauty, good looking, handsome
36 Boy Alagumani Handsome gem
37 Boy Alagumani Handsome gem
38 Boy Alagumuthu Handsome gem
39 Boy Alagumuthu Handsome gem
40 Boy Alagunathan Handsome
41 Boy Alagurathinam Handsome gem
42 Boy Alaguselvan Handsome
43 Boy Alaguselvan Handsome, see alagan
44 Boy Alan-allan Handsome one
45 Boy Alan;allan Handsome one
46 Boy Alan;allan Handsome one
47 Boy Alann Handsome
48 Boy Alen Handsome
49 Boy Alen Fair, handsome
50 Boy Alhasan The handsome, the good, name of the prophets grand
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