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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Glory'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aakhya Fame, glory
2 Girl Abhishri Surrounded with glory
3 Girl Abhisri Surrounded by glory, shining, powerful
4 Boy Adityavardhana Increases glory, augmented by the sun
5 Boy Adrammelech The cloak, glory, grandeur or power of the king.
6 Boy Ahaan Dawn, auspicious dawn, morning glory, first ray of
7 Boy Ahaan Morning glory , first ray of light
8 Girl Ahaana Morning glory , first ray of light
9 Boy Ainesh Sun's glory
10 Boy Ainesh The sun's glory
11 Girl Ainesh The sun's glory
12 Boy Ainesh The sun's glory
13 Girl Ainora Sun's glory
14 Boy Anantman God's glory
15 Boy Anup Unique, talent, glory, extreme large, without comp
16 Boy Asitabha With unrestrained glory, surrounded by light
17 Girl Athreya Container of glory
18 Boy Atreya Receptacle of glory
19 Girl Atreyee Container of glory
20 Girl Atreyee Name of a river, container of glory
21 Girl Atreyi;atreyee Name of a river, container of glory
22 Boy Azeez Power and glory
23 Boy Aziz Power and glory
24 Boy Bhaskari Son of the sun, one who brings glory
25 Boy Campat Fallen from glory
26 Boy Cleophas The whole glory.
27 Boy Cletis Glory
28 Boy Cletus Glory
29 Boy Devadyumna God's glory
30 Boy Devadyumna Glory of the gods
31 Boy Devayasas Divine glory
32 Boy Dhaman Ray, light, abode, glory
33 Boy Dilshaan Glory of heart
34 Boy Eqbal Glory, destiny
35 Boy Fakaruddin Pride of religion, glory of the faith
36 Boy Fakaruddin Pride of religion, glory of the faith
37 Boy Fakhir Glory, excellent quality
38 Girl Fakhr Glory, honour, pride
39 Girl Fakhri Glory
40 Boy Fakhruddin Glory of the faith, pride of religion
41 Girl Farah Glory, happiness, cheerfulness, beautiful, joyful,
42 Boy Fravindad Obtaining glory
43 Boy Gaurab Glory
44 Boy Gaurav Pride of glory
45 Boy Gaurav Honour, pride, respect, glory, dignity
46 Boy Gauravdeep Light of glory
47 Boy Gauravdeep Lamp of glory
48 Boy Gauravpreet Love for glory
49 Girl Gloria Glory
50 Boy Guriqbal Glory of the guru
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